Under the blistering heat?

Sunken Garden of University of the Philippines...
Sunken Garden of University of the Philippines Diliman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If not for the beloved son’s wish, we will not attend UP Diliman‘s graduation because of what I heard that it would be celebrated at the space at the back of the Oblation statue. I do not remember what that area is called.  True to what I heard, the ceremony was held under the blistering heat of the sun.  There was no cover or structure that will cover the graduates and the parents.

Son said it was tradition, and I hate the fact that it’s one of the reasons.  Not because it’s tradition, it can’t be changed.  There has to be something done about it.  There are possibilities of  mishaps involving stroke/heat stroke, heart attack, asthma, and other related illnesses that could be triggered by the intense heat.

It’s a good thing there is an alternative to the toga.  The sablay made it easier for the students to withstand the heat.  I could not imagine them being under the blistering heat of the sun with the toga on. With only the unique sablay, that signifies that one is a graduate, is indeed a relief from the torture.

It’s also a good thing that the ceremony that was conducted was faster.  There is nothing in it that required the students to pile before receiving the diploma.  It’s as simple as presenting the graduating classes/students in a department, the honor students and the graduates.  It’s simple but it is more grand than the usual procedure.

The Mighty Sun yesterday was in a good mood though. He did not unleash its fiery rays all throughout the ceremony.  There were instances that he hid and acted like he was just observing beneath the clouds and peeked only from time to time wanting to engage in moments of joy. The trees around the area gave shades and comfort.  When the Mighty Sun was hiding, the trees were swaying and the air was dancing. It gave us moments of rest from the almost non-stop fanning using the woven pamaypay.

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