Of Discipline and Will


Above are pictures of son Daryl.  The first one was taken last February, 2011.  The picture that follows was taken just this year, month of March.  Just by looking at these face photos, you can see the difference in how Daryl had lost weight.  It is not that I wanted to flaunt but I wanted to share how I am so proud of him being a person with a strong will and discipline.

This year marks the fourth year he has not taken a bite of any of the sitsirya or junk foods except for hotdogs that are categorized as one, too.  I am not sure though if roasted peanuts are also considered junk foods.  I am making mention of this because his will and discipline are so strong that others will have a hard time beating.

I am one of those losers.  We had a deal that in the first week of January this year 2012, we will be doing the hip hop abs exercise together.  We are supposed to work very hard together to loose the unnecessary baggage.  I failed. Last year performance was even more promising than my performance this year.

Today, Daryl’s tummy is flat and he looks lean.  The muscles are not yet toned and perhaps it is what he has to work on next.  Mine is still the same, no changes.  It is frustrating I have to admit.

The frustration got intense this afternoon when an office mate took a picture and I am not happy with the result.  Yes, I could have told her that she should have not taken a picture of me with this and that angle, or could have scolded her for taking the ‘ugly’ pic. The thing is it is not anybody’s fault.  By any chance, and even if someone would take a stolen shot for whatever reason, it could have been more ‘okay’ if I am fit and lean, and I will not be caught in an ‘ugly’ comportment. I mean, the possibilities are greater that the result is more ‘okay’.

I am not insecure but I am not happy.  I do not seek that I would be the prettiest in a group of women.  That would be absurd.  I am happily married and with this status I would not be seeking another man’s attention though it is flattering to hear flattery.  It is not what I desire.  I dream of being able to exercise and eat healthy to have a long and hearty life so that I can be with my loved ones longer, and to be of service still.

It is will and discipline I have to work on, and hard.

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