To Bask in Humble Glory

As Daryl’s friend would say.

My son is typically the unassuming type.  Others would brandish conceit knowing that they are talented or intelligent, or that they excel in many things with regards to education or achievement.  Conceit is very easy to smell even in the absence of words. You see it in the way a person smirk, or respond, or actuate. Not my son, he is simply an individual driven with purpose and goals without any motive of competition.

Yesterday, Daryl Jules graduated from college, Magna Cum Laude, and Class Valedictorian in the College of Education at UP Diliman.  This had remained a secret to us until yesterday.  We have a hint that he will be a magna cum laude but not as valedictorian.

It was a very lovely surprise.  I felt I wanted to shout with joy.  My husband doesn’t even know what to do.  His eyes watered and his voice cracked.  He was like a senator receiving all the praises and words of congratulations and appreciation from the faculty, from the staff, and from people.  Daryl’s objective was achieved and that is to give us pride.

As Daryl would always say, it does not mean that he is the most intelligent among the group of students who graduated, it just happened that his grades are higher, or that he excelled in his academic subjects.  While he was talking to his younger cousin, he said that there are a lot of intelligent people in his batch, and he believes that some are even more brilliant and smart. My son is that modest.

My daughter is equally the same.  She believes that success does not depend solely on one’s academic achievements or excellence.  There are a lot of ways a person can achieve success. There are always opportunities available for everybody and all that is needed is to utilize and harness them according to one’s plans in life.

My daughter and my son are that modest.  Therefore, no one needs to compare the two because there is no point of comparison.  They have different fields or courses, and they have independent and individual objectives in life.  I just hope people stop comparing for whatever evil reason they have. Although my children will not entertain I cannot help be pissed off at the insensitivity.

As Daryl would always tell me not to mind these people, one thing is for sure, he had achieved his goals and I heard him say these words, “What now?”

7 thoughts on “To Bask in Humble Glory

  1. Wow – Magna Cum Laude in U.P. – Congratulations and best wishes in your next chapter. A lot of doors get opened for graduates like Daryl. Enjoy the ride 🙂


  2. atticus! neng, i haven't visited your blog. sobrang busy, sobrang dami ng stress sa buhay ha ha one day, ako ay bibisita, probably this saturday (crossing my fingers).

    thanks, rommel. he already got a job three days before he graduated. 😀


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