The drums outside the amphitheater

Roland TD-12s V-Stage drum set. Shot also incl...

I have no musical experience but it always amazes me to hear the sound of drums during and after an event.   The drums outside the amphitheater were being played after the recognition day at the College of Education. Not sure if they are ddrum Drums but they are decent sounding drums and the cymbals are nice, too. If only I am into music, and being a first timer, I would definitely get a drum kit to practice on.  I think it’s not only the drums but the drummer that makes the beautiful sounds come out. Don’t you think?

It is also exceptionally cool to see girls playing these drums. I admire these girls who have talent in drum playing. It makes me wish that I had an opportunity when I was young.  So cool. 😀

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2 thoughts on “The drums outside the amphitheater

  1. It's never too late Bing. I have a friend in Taree, NSW who picked up the clarinet when she was 80 years old – after 3 years she was already playing with the Taree Orchestra. Of course – you should see how she neglected her house to make time to practice 🙂


  2. that i couldn't afford. the house seems to yell at me most of the time beckoning to be given attention ha ha clarinet is still ok even when you're 'aged' but the drums..? i don't think it's cool to see an aged lady doing the drums ha ha


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