Reflections on a Good Friday

Good Friday 2009
Good Friday 2009 (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Sometimes it makes you think.  The things that’re happening make you think.

I do not intend to question anyone’s belief or faith but sometimes I couldn’t really understand how people understand the whole thing about faith.  Let’s take this example during breakfast this morning of Good Friday.  At the table near ours, I heard someone said, “Gumawa ka na ng kasalanan ngayon, patay si God ngayong Friday (You can sin today because God is dead this Friday).” Yes, it is spoken in jest but I find it amusing to think of the thought that ‘God’ whoever she’s referring to repeatedly dies on a Good Friday. That’s absurd. 😦 Where did that concept come from?  When I was young I was hearing those lines already.

God does not die again on a Good Friday.  We all do these things on these particular day, or week, only to commemorate, to celebrate, or to venerate God’s power and love for mankind.  That is how I understand these things.  What sense would it make for God to send again His Only Son to die again when many of us do not see the power of Christ’s dying for our sins?

A creation mimicking his Creator’s act on the cross will not even save him.  I mean, why would God send His Son to die on a cross only to have this special act mimicked by his creation? It looses the very essence of it all.

Then there are these people who literally stop the bad habits or the bad things they acknowledge to be doing on a Good Friday because it is Good Friday.  I mean, if one reveres his God, the bad things go away and you do not do it again forever, or at least strive not to do it again.  It is like saying sorry only to do it again and again.

I am not perfect. I fail many times.  I fail to live by my faith consistently but I do not profess that I am a Christian (except if it is needed) only to have others stumble from my wrong doings.  I mean, I will not be shoving my faith to someone’s brain when I cannot even be honest with a single centavo. That is just an example, I do not steal.  What I really mean to say is one need not brag about the ‘holy’ things he does on a Good Friday or during Holy Week only to be back with the old bad things one does on a daily basis.

The mundane things human beings do for ‘their faith in God or in Jesus’ sometimes worries me.  The authorities on these things, mainly those in churches, seem to have failed instilling what faith really is.


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3 thoughts on “Reflections on a Good Friday

  1. my friend and i got to talking about that the other night. we're both catholic but have similar views on faith: we don't think it has anything to do with going to church regularly. we believe it is in doing good, being good, and speaking out when something wrong is being done to someone.

    and please, my Big Boss Up There accepts the fact that I can be naughty too, sometimes. *wink*


  2. hi, Atticus. 😀 we all have our own way of practicing our faith. i believe though that we also have our own duty to do our own research about what we believe in and what others believe.

    bertN, glad to know… 🙂


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