"Halimaw ka!"

Stairway in Ford plant in LA from HABS; Ford M...

Yesterday, on my way to work, and just before I step on the overpass stairs, at the corner of the stairway, a mother and her small son was talking.  The boy was on the verge of crying and seemed like he wanted something.  All of a sudden, the mother yelled, “E, di bumili ka, halimaw ka!” (Then buy it, you monster!) I was shocked to hear a mother say the word ‘halimaw’ to the little child who was about six (6) to seven (7) years old.

I can understand that to be a working mother is not an easy task.  It is always a challenge to keep one’s composure in the midst of stressful situations like the one above.  It is not understandable though to batter a child because a mother is in such situations where everything is simultaneously going inside the mind.

I have to admit I had moments where my patience was tested when the children are still young.  I am glad I did not give in and hurt them physically and emotionally.  It is much easier though to hear a little child making his or her demands than hearing a grown-up child chide his parent/s of hurtful things.

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2 thoughts on “"Halimaw ka!"

  1. You maybe right. The mom is just under a lot of pressure to blurt something like that. In the west, they also often call their children little “monsters”, litter “devils” and other names which when literally translated to Filipino are unpleasant to our ear… just like “halimaw”.


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