Gayuma: Do you believe there is such a thing?

Me and my friends were talking about gayuma and the many pretty and charming girls who fall into the hands of unlikely men because of it. I will not be telling who these people are lest we’d like to put ourselves in danger.

However, in this particular Youtube video, it is the other way around. The cute little man here was put into a spell. When the spell was out, we were laughing at his description ‘ikaw ay parang tuhod na may bukol na may sugat na may nana!‘ Gross but funny.

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Solution to Absenteeism

Hallelujah for the Personnel section people!

Absenteeism Will Cause This. What did You do t...
Absenteeism Will Cause This. What did You do today^ – NARA – 534637 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is already a solution to the absenteeism problem thru the attendance calendar online.  There will be no hazzles tracking attendance by time-consuming methods anymore.  It is an attendance controller card designed for a year, where it would be easy to keep track of who is present or who is on leave for three consecutive Mondays, for example.  It is less time-consuming because you will not be introducing forms or using forms anymore, no copies to make, and no attendance sheets to sort.  You can have one set with a binder and tabs to put all the attendance controller cards in one file.

Now, isn’t that a lovely innovation?

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Les Miserables – A Date with Daryl

The plan to go watch a movie was so spontaneous. In the middle of the many chores, Daryl asked me if I wanted to watch Les Miserables. My daughter was coaxing when I finally decided to stop what I was doing and go with Daryl.

I wept in silence to some of the scenes. Call me shallow or whatever, I truly wasn’t able to restrain the tears:

During that moment when Jean Valjean was secured his release after stealing the Bishop of Digne’s silver and the police was told by the bishop that they were gifts given to him.

jean valjean
Photo from Christian by Association

During the time when Fantine was dying in the hospital reaching for a vision of Cosette.

Photo from Theiapolis

During the time Eponine was walking along the streets of Paris and singing On My Own.

During the time Jean Valjean was leaving and making Marius promise not to tell Cosette.

Photo from Lady Evyta’s Rhymes of Ice

During the time Jean was dying and handing Cosette a letter about his past life.

Photo from The Hunchblog of Notre Dame

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The Simmish Language

I am seated here beside my son who’s playing Simms 3.   It’s more a simulation game than a RPG.

I find it funny to listen to the language.  The first time I heard of it, I was laughing and I told my son that his characters are making queer sounds.

On second thought, I can try learning the Simmish language and use it in front of those annoying people at work who assume they are gods.  That way I can be able to say the things I want to say and with them wondering what the crap I was telling.

Here are sneak previews of son’s Simms 3 game.




Wedding Rings

I remember someone in my past job tell me why I was not wearing my wedding ring.  I simply answered that my finger had grown bigger and the wedding ring does not fit anymore.  She continued telling that it is like an omen not to wear it because we (husband and I) will get separated in the future.  Such prophesy, huh?

A Wedding Ring
A Wedding Ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think even if mens wedding rings, and even that of the women, are made of diamonds, the future of a relationshup is not dependent on wearing or not wearing their wedding rings.  It is such a lousy belief.  It is even funny.  Why?  I learned that their marriage was once rocky.  She was wearing her wedding ring all the time.

I had learned to question the credibility of superstitious beliefs every now and then.  Thanks to my children.  Most of them are baseless, that’s why.




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People are People

“People are people, Lawrence. Every bad behavior and every good one lurks within us. They were all there when you were in the world – in different proportion, with different triggers.” – Gerta, With a Little Help

In different proportions, yes.

Photo from d2digital @Flickr

Like the ‘tambays‘ in our place.  Tambay or istambay is a Filipino word for a person who loves to loiter or pass the time doing nothing.  Or worst, asking money or food from others to survive, with insistence, trying their best to make you feel guilty.  These are the same people whose line of thoughts fall into that category “You have to help me because I am poor, I have nothing.”

Yes, we all have these bad and good behaviors, but some tambays even go to lengths of forcing you to empathize with their situation.  Yes, we have this so called moral obligation to help but if you see people, able and strong but do not even try to find a job to support themselves, how could you understand forever?

When you see them ask money to buy provisions for their vices, isn’t it that they are more like a menace to society?  You cannot even dare ask a little help or favor because every move they make have to be paid.  Yes, they feel you have to pay them for the smallest tasks even if you have given them money aid or food for the nth time.  The money they get are not even used to help their family.  It is more like being used to support their vices.  Pathetic, isn’t it?

Yes, the government owes its citizenry a lot of things but most of the time, I look at blaming the government an escape goat.  Some of these istambays had their chances.  They were given opportunities to study and make good but they chose to wallow at their pitiful situation.  One cannot blame his misfortune to others.  Even if the parents or guardian did not do anything to make their lives good, they cannot be blamed wholly.  Each individual’s situation is dependent on how he or she will strive to change it or make it better.

People are people.  A lot of work is necessary to classify one in that category.

Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 Implementation

Last year I wrote about this topic and was wondering what happened to the implementation as I was seeing that substandard helmets are being used.

There are available stores in the country and it is even available online. One can find motorcycle helmets at helmet shop, for example. The law requires though that for imported helmets, an ICC (Import Commodity Clearance) mark must be found. For local helmets produced in the country, a PS (Philippine Standards) mark will be required.

Back to the topic,  news from the Philippine Information Agency tells that starting January 8 of this year, Region 12 LTO officials will start implementing the said law.  In summary, the law requires motorcycle drivers and his company to wear helmets that are according to what is required (with ICC or PS marks).  The law mentions penalties describing first offense with a fine of P1,500,  second offense with a fine of P3,000, third offense with a fine of P5,000, and fourth offense with a fine of P10,000 and confiscation of driver’s license.

I wanted very much that laws like this be implemented especially here in Manila where motorcycles swarm the roads, and with their wayward riders.  Most of the time, we encounter them as cause of the traffic, or altercations on the road.  I believe though that what must be taught first to these non-compliant motorists is to recognize laws and to abide by the rules.  The helmet act is just but secondary.

Still I wonder if there are motorcycle being penalized not for not wearing the proper helmet but for their indiscipline.

How would you have your breakfast on a Sunday?

I like it with sinangag or garlic fried rice.

Photo from Busog Sarap

I like it with daing na isda, any kind.

daing na bangus
Photo from eNTeNG c”,)™©’s Blog

I like it with fried egg, not over done, with the yolk as fresh.

fried egg
Photo from Belle News

I didn’t get to take pictures of my breakfast set today because there was no plan at all but I was overwhelmed by the goodness of it all that is why this post. 😀

Admiring Toni

I may not know that Toni Leviste, the famous Philippine equestrian, wears kerrits riding apparel.   What I do know is she is such a sight to see as she rides her horse.  Apart from being an equestrian,  you can see the lovely face with that enigmatic smile.

Her riding apparel did not conceal the grace of a woman in Toni.  Even if she’s donned in a her riding fabric, the soft features prevail.

I am such a fan.


Photohunt: Knitted

knit [nit], v. – intertwine.

Today’s Photohunt theme that you can find here is KNITTED.   I will use the definition above as I do not have pictures of knitting and its materials.  Can’t wait to see what the others are up to.  😀

knitted 2
Kay sitting on a reclining chair with its knitted materials.
A ceiling fan where the leaves’ materials are knitted, too.


An insult to the intellect

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At work, there are people who assume too much.  They assume that they have that exclusive dominion to ideas and opinions.  They must be thinking that being in their posts gives them the right and privilege to think they are the only ones who can think right for the organization.

Without them knowing, the people around them know that they are playing. They can only assume but they are not the only ones who can think unconventionally or uniquely from a new perspective.  It is truly an insult to the intellect to see such insensitivity in individuals who are even in posts that require sensibility.

There must be a reason to the chaos.   It is more about selfish motives. Or it may simply be a front or a camouflage.

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Sheer Acceptance

photo courtesy of Booksicals

As a mother, I always regard my children with fondness like they were still little children. I still cook for them during birthdays, or during any occasion. Consciously though, I yearn for that excitement and admiration to the effort they elicit when they were little children. There was this unexplainable joy to watch them appreciate with all honesty.

I guess every parent experience this hunger for the unrivaled affection a child gives when they were younger. As they live their own lives though, you will feel the changes. Of course, it is inevitable. Also with change comes pain. Sometimes it can also be accompanied with shock, with panic.

When things change in-between the parents and the children, which is bound to happen, it is sheer acceptance of the realities that these things are but normal, that their priorities change (and you may not even be included in the top list anymore), and that they are shaping their own lives, that have to be accepted.

Thinking out loud, you know.

To carpet or not to carpet

I will definitely choose the carpets offered at lubbock carpet stores. I landed in this online carpet store one day while I was contemplating on deciding having our love nest dressed down with a nappy floor covering. I am having second thoughts because the room does not have enough space to emphasize the beauty of a floor tapestry. Besides, how am I to clean the carpet underneath the bed? That would be very challenging to do. The only way is to cover only the area outside that of the bed.

Boat house bedroom

I was deep in my thoughts that day of how it would look like, making pictures in mind how the carpet would widen the room. Deciding on having it should be based on the need to make the room bigger. Loud colors will definitely not work for the room.

Maintenance is also a concern for me. The carpet must be easy to clean. Practicality is one of the primary reasons in buying accessories for the house. The lubbock carpet stores offer carpets that sounded easy to maintain.

If I will finally decide on having the love nest floor covered with a carpet, there are only three things: color, make, maintenance. Also, with a free installation service, I will definitely say yes to that carpet store! 😀

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Photohunt: Haven


photohunt label

The family is my refuge. This is a set of pictures taken before November 1 which is kind of a commemoration of the dead beloved ones’ death. Even if my father left us a very long time, he serves as an inspiration. The thought of him is a haven to me but the dead is dead and I know there’re just memories to live by and so my husband and my children becomes my refuge, an irreplaceable refuge.