Wanted: Logo Sunglasses

The national elections are coming and I wonder if a lot of them had thought of using pairs of logo sunglasses or promotional sunglasses that can be customized.  I believe and I recommend that they buy a load of these pairs not only because they are cheaper but also elegant looking, too.

I mean, who in these times, would bother if what they wear is not a very expensive pair?  If these pairs would make the common people look and feel good then those politicians should consider this suggestion.  😀

I should be getting a portion from their election budget ha ha but first, it must be from their pockets.

The pairs below would be best for summer when the elections will be made.

translucent sunglasses


Are you familiar with the Patagonia brand?

The best selection of patagonia coats offers a variety of clothing, men’s or women’s, ranging from jackets, halters, dresses, pullovers, skirts, sweaters, bra, cami, etc.

It is my first time actually to hear about this brand.  I think the collection is more for active men and women, and are best for extreme activities.  The following items caught my eye:

patagonia active mesh bra
active mesh bra
nine trails shorts
nine trails shorts

There are others that would really satisfy one’s desire to have comfortable outfits for active movements.

Gayuma: Do you believe there is such a thing?

Me and my friends were talking about gayuma and the many pretty and charming girls who fall into the hands of unlikely men because of it. I will not be telling who these people are lest we’d like to put ourselves in danger.

However, in this particular Youtube video, it is the other way around. The cute little man here was put into a spell. When the spell was out, we were laughing at his description ‘ikaw ay parang tuhod na may bukol na may sugat na may nana!‘ Gross but funny.

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Solution to Absenteeism

Hallelujah for the Personnel section people!

Absenteeism Will Cause This. What did You do t...
Absenteeism Will Cause This. What did You do today^ – NARA – 534637 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is already a solution to the absenteeism problem thru the attendance calendar online.  There will be no hazzles tracking attendance by time-consuming methods anymore.  It is an attendance controller card designed for a year, where it would be easy to keep track of who is present or who is on leave for three consecutive Mondays, for example.  It is less time-consuming because you will not be introducing forms or using forms anymore, no copies to make, and no attendance sheets to sort.  You can have one set with a binder and tabs to put all the attendance controller cards in one file.

Now, isn’t that a lovely innovation?

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In Denial

How do you cope with a recent death? Especially that of your loved one?

Last month, a former co-employee died.  Death is not something not to be expected.  People die and it matters only on how death was served.  This particular death however became the talk of the town.

The ‘leak’ was passed on the morning after.  This former co-employee died, and in the house of ,  and with his other woman.  It spread like wildfire that my initial reaction is this is a bad joke from somebody who must have hated him so much.  It turned out true.  He left one offspring with that woman.

Wife, Husband and Friend
Wife, Husband and Friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard that in-between stories until recently, the legal wife still tells of how her husband was very nice and thoughtful when he was still alive.  She hadn’t known of any other woman, she said, because she hadn’t seen any proof when she dug out his things and his wallet.  Who among these fools would leave his traces, I asked in my mind.

Unknown to the wife, there was another woman that her husband was so in love with before, apart from the recent one.  Her husband had bragged to me before that he had told her, his wife, that he didn’t love her anymore.  The husband (aka bastard) had told this tale over and over.  She had no idea what people are of her while she tells of the endearing stories about her husband.

I do not really know why she acts like everybody doesn’t know of anything.  Perhaps she is still in denial.  I just hope that this phase will get over soon, and that she’ll grieve and forget what happened and move on.

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Lanyards and pins for identification

English: U.S. Military official issue lanyard ...
English: U.S. Military official issue lanyard from late 1980s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In manufacturing companies, or hardware stores, one can usually see items that require tagging.  For identification, lanyards and pins can be used when hard tags cannot be directly placed to the products.  It is also important to take note that these items can be bought cheaper in packs of ten, for example.  Buying several pieces in a pack will save time and avoid incidences when these parts are lost, and there are already available replacements.

This comes to mind because tagging is one of those issues in the workplace.  Identification and traceability is important but usually tags are missing because they are just affixed to a piece of wire where the tag can easily be removed.

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