What did you buy him the past Easter?

Yes, just last week’s Easter.

Or should the question be – Do you buy something for someone on the day of Easter? If you do, why?

I ask because in a social networking site, I saw pics of people celebrating Easter in a kind of unique (questionable?) way. The celebration is supposed to be about faith, about Jesus’ resurrection.  It was not what it should be.  Those people are dancing in a bar, drinking and binging.  I suppose some others are even greeting each other ‘Happy Easter!’.  That is just a supposition.  Do not take me seriously.  The thing is I could not understand posting a Happy Easter photo when it isn’t even about it. Has everyone now giving their own version of Easter or giving their own meaning for Easter.

Honestly, I have my own Christian belief. I respect other beliefs but I will never ever understand buying an IPod for him or her because it’s Easter.  It’s not about us.  😦

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