52Photos Project #4: On the Line

52 Photos Project

Intramuros:  a blind man asking for alms
Intramuros: a blind man asking for alms
Intramuros:  another blind playing music for alms
Intramuros: another blind playing music for alms

The photos above are two of those I was able to salvage when Multiply changed its concept from being a social network to a marketing venue. They were taken at Intramuros in 2009.

My heart goes to these two blind men who earn by asking alms for their living.  They are always at risk in doing their business in that area of Intramuros.

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Photohunt: Humble

This is a very late post for last Saturday’s Photohunt and the theme is HUMBLE. I do not have lots of photos for the theme but I remember these  particular photos taken by my daughter along Pasig river in one of their activities in college.

These made me very sad initially but humbled me at the same time. We are not rich and we also belong to the populace that demands better government services but we are more than blessed to live in a decent house with our own comfort/bath room, bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a wash area.

Today, there is a march (MIllion March) at Luneta park as protest to the PDAF/pork barrel. The intention was to lobby the abolition of the pork barrel where recent scandal of politicians’ involvement in the squandering of the said fund was what triggered it. The basic services for the people that live in these shanties are robbed from them by these greedy and self-serving politicians. I hope that something good will come out of this march.

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Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

English: Neuman U89i – large diaphragm condens...
English: Neuman U89i – large diaphragm condenser microphone with 5 switchable patterns Français : Microphone à condensateur Neuman U89i (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One can get Mojave Audio Microphones at musician’s friend and be amazed  . These small diaphragm condenser microphones can go with applications such as acoustic instruments, drums, guitar amplifiers, piano, percussion, etc. So, if you want a big but nice-sounding effect for your microphones, this brand that you can find at musician’s friend is recommended because they are designed by expert designers, carefully tested and evaluated and packaged in protective case.

These microphones though are for professional musicians, or those who use the device for their profession, or for those who have enough to spend for expensive devices.

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52Photos Project #3: Light and Dark

52 Photos Project

These photos were taken on November, 2008 when the family visited the graves of the departed ones.  Every year,  in the Philippines, November 1 is declared as a special non-working holiday in observance of  All Saints’ Day followed by the observance of All Souls’ Day on November 2.

undas 2008 147
“Maybe that’s what the night is for, just so’s we can know the difference when the light comes again.”
? Howard Bahr, The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War
undas 2008 122
“A misstep many make: they mistake darkness for meaning. They think light is easy. They think light will find a way through the crack in the door by itself. But it doesn’t – you have to open the door & let it in.”
? Melanie Gideon
undas 2008 120
“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”
? Ursula K. Le Guin
undas 2008 090
“Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Begin at the beginning. Tell Gregory a story. Make some light.”
? Kate DiCamillo, The Tale of Despereaux
UNDAS 2007 029
“Fear can only grow in darkness. Once you face fear with light, you win.”
? Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free




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Complicated Love – Story #3

I give this story a title: Marriage Expiry.

Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

A middle aged guy who is married contemplates on the possibility that legislators or lawmakers will think of passing a bill on setting an expiry for marriage bonds.  Say, for example, before marriage a couple could, by virtue of a law, decide on how long their marriage will be set, and in a contract the number of years will be specified.  In addition, if a couple will decide on an agreement that they are going to be married for five (5) years only and could decide to enter into another contract of another set of years for the extension, the law would be very much favorable for a lot of men and women.

My thoughts:

It would seem that this is such a good idea. It would sound favorable to anybody considering that the contract is renewable if a couple remains in love and compatible until the expiry.  For me, though, this would be a gateway for men and women to commit adultery easier because they can decide to part ways after the marriage expiry anyway. Also, it could be a dangerous arrangement because it would shift the focus on the expiry rather than on the strengthening of the marriage vows.

On the other hand, this would be beneficial for the battered wives, or husbands.  They will not be subjected to prolonged suffering while undergoing the very tedious process of annulment or divorce that require years and years of waiting.

As much as this pose as an option or a choice, I fear for the waning virtues on marriage and its sanctity that could be the result of such a law.

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52Photos Project #2 : Unusual and Uncommon

52 Photos Project

When we visited Manila Ocean Park in 2009, there were lots of discoveries that were unusual and uncommon for us to see. I heard that the place had improved a lot since then. We are going to visit again, I hope (*crossing fingers*). Unfortunately, I was not able to jot down the names of some of the creatures and plants I saw.  The first two pics are still unknown to me.

This is a water creature that looks like a worm to me but it's a kind of fish.
This is a water creature that looks like a worm to me but it’s a kind of fish.
This is an ornamental plant I first saw at Manila Ocean Park.  I saw it at Fernwood, too, and at Secret Garden.
This is an ornamental plant I first saw at Manila Ocean Park. I saw it at Fernwood, too, and at Secret Garden.
First time to see a seahorse up close and personal... :D
First time to see a seahorse up close and personal… 😀
... and a stingray, too!
… and a stingray, too!
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