Complicated Love – Story #3

I give this story a title: Marriage Expiry.

Marriage Day
Marriage Day (Photo credit: Fikra)

A middle aged guy who is married contemplates on the possibility that legislators or lawmakers will think of passing a bill on setting an expiry for marriage bonds.  Say, for example, before marriage a couple could, by virtue of a law, decide on how long their marriage will be set, and in a contract the number of years will be specified.  In addition, if a couple will decide on an agreement that they are going to be married for five (5) years only and could decide to enter into another contract of another set of years for the extension, the law would be very much favorable for a lot of men and women.

My thoughts:

It would seem that this is such a good idea. It would sound favorable to anybody considering that the contract is renewable if a couple remains in love and compatible until the expiry.  For me, though, this would be a gateway for men and women to commit adultery easier because they can decide to part ways after the marriage expiry anyway. Also, it could be a dangerous arrangement because it would shift the focus on the expiry rather than on the strengthening of the marriage vows.

On the other hand, this would be beneficial for the battered wives, or husbands.  They will not be subjected to prolonged suffering while undergoing the very tedious process of annulment or divorce that require years and years of waiting.

As much as this pose as an option or a choice, I fear for the waning virtues on marriage and its sanctity that could be the result of such a law.

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2 thoughts on “Complicated Love – Story #3

  1. I think that people who advocate contracts instead of marriage are selfish. Children deserve a home and a family, not a rotating series of partners coming together and then leaving again. This negates the holy meaning of marriage and denigrates it to a business partnership.


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