Complicated Love – Story #2

Gay Couple with child
Gay Couple with child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is another post for this series:

Recently talks about same-sex relationship, same-sex marriage, or LGBT relationship surfaced when a television drama was aired – My Husband’s Lover.  As expected, the ‘what-ifs’ also emerged prompting anyone to share their opinions.  As expected, too, the holier than thou creatures recited again that these people should refrain from doing such sinful relationships or affair because they are so immoral.  Personally, I could not condemn nor praise these people.   I could only try to understand as there has to be reasons why there are inclinations or tendencies. I am very opposed though to their marriage as religion would not allow such, or teachings in churches or religious groups do not include same-sex marriages.

My story today is about a woman who met a man one day.  They eventually became friends but the man later on expressed his interest and love to the said woman.  The situation is not as easy because the man is currently in a relationship which, according to him, is a rocky one.  The woman is confused because she is starting to feel something towards the man as they are getting closer each day and had been getting to know more about each other on a regular basis.

One day, as the man was telling stories about his life, he mentioned that he had an affair with another man that ended after a short while.  The woman was shocked hearing this story and asked him how he was able to shift from ‘liking men’ to ‘liking women’.  The man readily said that he discovered that he is for women not men.  The woman got more confused and is anxious about her decision to pursue a relationship with the man.

Do you think it is right for the woman to forget about getting into a relationship with this man?

My Thoughts:

Every woman differs on the way they love.  Some women will ignore and not give importance to her lover’s past.  If the woman is confused, however, she has to consider how she feels about her lover’s atypical past, considering also his present rocky relationship with a woman, not that I am saying it is the man’s fault because he had been in a relationship with another man.  Even without this piece of information, the woman has to ‘investigate’ more why this man seems to be having difficulty staying in relationships, and what his true preferences are.

There is still time to back out and consider meeting other men because the woman’s relationship with the said man has not gone deep yet.  In addition, if there are doubts why pursue?


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