Childhood Games

52 Photos Project

gradn08 008SUNGKA

One of those favorite games I used to play is sungka.  Sungka uses a sungkahan which is a boat-s


8 thoughts on “Childhood Games

  1. A very beautiful photo!
    Yes, unfortunately the previous games will be lost more and more 😦
    This is in many countries, perhaps soon all over the world?

    For me, this technology (which I myself also use) is very much cold in it.
    Although it is well on the other side …


  2. Hi, Mascha!

    Thank you for appreciating. I agree, those games we used to play will eventually be forgotten or learned only in books. I am crossing my fingers that there will be programs still to teach children and get them to enjoy these games still.


  3. hello. Juana! i hope so, too. 🙂 you are welcome. i enjoyed visiting. it's a blast for a first time.

    i guess i have to conquer fear first.


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