Photohunt: Humble

This is a very late post for last Saturday’s Photohunt and the theme is HUMBLE. I do not have lots of photos for the theme but I remember these  particular photos taken by my daughter along Pasig river in one of their activities in college.

These made me very sad initially but humbled me at the same time. We are not rich and we also belong to the populace that demands better government services but we are more than blessed to live in a decent house with our own comfort/bath room, bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a wash area.

Today, there is a march (MIllion March) at Luneta park as protest to the PDAF/pork barrel. The intention was to lobby the abolition of the pork barrel where recent scandal of politicians’ involvement in the squandering of the said fund was what triggered it. The basic services for the people that live in these shanties are robbed from them by these greedy and self-serving politicians. I hope that something good will come out of this march.

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12 thoughts on “Photohunt: Humble

  1. i know for a fact that corruption is not owned only by the Philippines. only that, the degree to which it had gone up in our country is truly gut-wrenching (to borrow the word). how sad that these people who were given the people's trust of good governance see the opportunity to get rich. their hunger for power and money is never satiated.


  2. very true, ASS. 🙂 unless one experiences to live in such degrading conditions (and i hope these corrupt politicians will be given the chance to experience it), humble description for the other things in life is void.


  3. I know corruption is by no means limited to the Philippines but I do feel for Filipinos because I do think that your country has got one of the higher levels of corruption in Asia, if not the world.


  4. something to be truly sad about, YTSL. i know that there are still Filipinos who are good. these evil people are only a handful compared to the whole lot but they hold the riches of the country because of their corruption. it is the love for money indeed. 😦


  5. what everyone expects is for the march to be just the start and the fight for corruption will continue, Carver. 😦 i know, personally, that corruption could not be terminated just by a march of protest but i believe it is enough saying that the people know, that we are not imbeciles and simpletons not to see and know.


  6. i think it's because greed is human's nature gone berserk because an individual does not check himself. each one of us must have this self-check to prevent overwhelming greed. 😦

    thanks for visiting, Cathy.


  7. i guess it's true, ECL, that all nations have this, the difference is how the government addresses such cases. worst thing is if one's own government is a part of the whole syndicate. i hope it is not, in our case. 😦


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