Exercise with Diet are Still the Best

I miss the days when we do frequent walking and jogging and running at UP oval.  Those times you do not need to speed up the process of slimming down by pills.  I do not need to resort to diet pill reviews to know what would be best for my diet to loose weight.  Now, I am beginning to be tempted.

How I wish I can still jog and walk at UP one day again together with Papsie and the kids.  Exercise and diet are still the best partners.  I feel so light after each exercise especially after each walk, run and jog routine.  It felt that tons of unwanted fat went with the perspiration I get from it.

Oh, well, I cross my fingers as I wish.


Paid Reviews, what d’ya think?

I saw LinkFromBlog in one of the blogs I visit.  It is about <a href="paid reviews” target=”_blank”>paid reviews.  It looks like it is an interesting opportunity for anyone.  There will be offers and tasks but you have to bid.   If the advertise approves of your bid, you get the chance.  If not, then your blog did not appeal to be interesting.  Sounds like a realization check.

Anyway, let us see how this works.

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Pajamas for this hot season? No way.

There is a site called Womens Pajamas.com that offers not only pajamas but also night gowns.  Who would be thinking about buying women’s pajamas in this dry and humid season in the Philippines with 38 degrees C temperature?  Even with pajamas that look as good as this, no one will think of it:

But instead of buying womens pajamas, you can buy chemises and nighties that could ignite the flame.   Very untimely actually.  Who would think of procreation and caresses during a very warm night?  Do you think, a nightie as alluring as this would defeat the fetid air?

Of course not.  But when the rainy season comes in, that is the time you should think of it – buy women’s pajamas and especially, hot nighties.

Unclogging the List

It pains me to x-out some bloggers in my list.  Their blogs had once been my haven when I need to take a breather.  But taking a hint from a fellow blogger, I think it is best to unclog the list. Some of them had totally stopped blogging and had been inactive for some time.  Some of the blogs are already inaccessible, not a trace of the old posts and updates about the blogger.

The impression I had about them will never change.  I listed them because I find them interesting.  I find their blogging styles as unique.  I learned from them one way or the other.  They had inspired me at one or several points in my life.  There are even those who have become my idols (though not something categorized to the point of idolatry he he).

Though blogging is becoming a fad because of the emergence of Facebook and the like, it is an experience that is worth the time.  Bloghopping, the term that reverberated among bloggers when they visit each other’s blogs, had been and is still is a therapy.

The list of bloggers as of present in this blog is under the page Current Reads. I had three pages before that had titles The Big Enchilada, Icings on the Cake, and Oh! Goody!.  I listed them all now in one page as this will save time and organize the list more.

I still miss the others.  This list will continue to grow I know but surely, the old folks will be missed.

Test preparations

I remembered when my children were in their secondary years, I enrolled them in a review center in preparation for high school. I wanted them to be enrolled in the best science schools. I was reminded of these reading about lsat prep. Of course, the preparations for a high school or a college entrance examination is nothing in comparison to lsat.

The kids were not able to pass the test from the chosen science high school. They landed in a semi-private school. I was more frustrated than them but brushed the negative feelings aside. I later forgot about it. But when they were about to graduate from high school, they suddenly had this desire to be enrolled in one of those prestigious schools.

Papsie and I decided not to enroll them in review centers anymore. Aside from being costly, the kids did not want to. And probably it was their desire to be in their chosen college that they passed. The unexpected triumph is worth the wait.

Gel is Not Only for the Hair

Lately, son Daryl’s face, especially on the nose part, was riddled with pimples.  They are not acne yet but I hope that he would not resort to using acne treatment gel in the future.   I think this happened because of the combination of dust and heat.

And true, gel is not only for the hair.  There are already many products in gel types and that includes lubricants, toothpaste, and facial treatments among others.

Personally, I do not like gels.  It’s the sticky characteristic that gives it the yucky feel.