A Police Ring Can Be Personalized

Christmas in the post-War United States
Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t know that! It truly is possible to have police rings personalized.

Now, you would ask why the sudden interest? Nothing special actually. I just thought that during Christmas and with friends or family that are in the service perhaps a ring is an interesting gift. To have it done according to an individual policeman’s preferences – his own emblems, engraving, and stone color – will make it truly special. The gift giver can also choose what metal to be used (which is of course according to what he thinks the receiver would like) and they vary from steel, silver, and gold.

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Make Your Own Snowy Christmas Atmosphere


Photo courtesy of Free Christmas Wallpapers


It can be possible with a bubble machine.   With it, you can produce bubble, fog and snow effects.  Well, I know, you got to have enough space to highlight such an atmosphere.  If you have that enough space, then you are ready to create one.  Some other machines even have lighting effects.

Our own space will not be enough so I just have to scout on households that thought of having such an atmosphere.  It must be fun especially in a tropical country like the Philippines.

On second thought, I think I will just have to visit EK or Star City and check if they already have this.


The Christmas Party that Brought Out the Talents

The other day we had our Christmas party.   The different departments agreed to gather and celebrate and prepare for the contests.  Perhaps it’s the long anticipation for such a gathering that brought out the talents.  It is such a revelation that made the party full of fun.   With time kaput, each group tried their hardest to make the evening delightful and entertaining.

Here are some pics.

Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 034
Group 1 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 056
Group 2 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 070
Group 3 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 106
Group 4 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 084
Group 5 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 112
Group 6 Performance

Christmas parties are fun but beware the food

Christmas parties are fun especially when you expect that there would be lots of food to partake.  However, these are occasions that we need to check on the food pyramid chart first before embarking on pigging out.

We just had our Christmas party yesterday for the monthly employees.  We just had individually packed food from Kentucky Fried Chicken (consisting of two pieces fried chicken, mushroom chowder, macaroni salad, rice and brownies) which is just okay to fill hungry stomachs after all the exhaustion from prancing, rocking, swaying, twisting, treading, etc to the music.  The problem is they are not truly healthy food given the amount of fat, carbs, salt, and sugar that were absorbed from eating them all.


Why not, choc nut?

Do you remember Choc Nut?


It is still in the market.  I love the peanut-y and milky taste but if I ask you this question – would you like to receive Choc Nut as Christmas gift?  Yes, this is a question intended only for Filipinos, if some outsiders would dare ask.

My answer would be no, especially if it is from exchange gift activities during Christmas season.  Simply because Choc Nut can be bought from nearby sari-sari stores and is almost always readily available.  I do not intend to demean the attempt but it is so effortless to be giving such a gift, except if it is included in your monito/a’s wishlist.  Gift-giving must be done with love, with time, and with effort.  After all, we all wish everybody happiness and love during the season, not that we do wish them these only this season, but what is the essence if you would just buy something without that enthusiasm?   The questions will be thrown back to you who decided on giving Choc Nut – would you like to receive Choc Nut as a gift this season?  I know very well you would not.

What TV mounts must be

It is not easy deciding on what type of tv mounts to buy for one’s television set.    Nowadays,  LED teevees can either be mounted on  the wall or with a stand.   TV mounts have many classifications according to  what the need is.    For example, if you want to have that optimum viewing level, you can choose profile mounts.  Or if you need to be able to adjust the screen up or down, left or right, in order to view your screen, you will have to choose tv mounts with mounting brackets.  Or if you want your tv unit to move or lift with a remote control or with electric mounting accessories, you will definitely choose motorized wall mounts.

There are actually more types to choose from.  Those mentioned are just examples and they are designed according to each buyer’s needs.