A Sad Story

Photo from Inquirer.net

Somehow even before the start of Pacquiao and Marquez’ fight, I felt this eerie feeling that Manny Pacquiao won’t win.  I could not verbalize it in fear of being branded traitorous.  😀  I mentioned it, however, to my husband and kids.

I do not exactly know how to express that feeling until I heard R. Nathaniels saying about strength conditioning.  I am no boxing sports aficionado (only when Manny’s playing I watch) but I have to agree with all that he said about preparation.  In one of Manny’s loss before, which year I don’t remember anymore, it was the issue – the preparation.  Manny became over confident that year as he had now.

Perhaps Papsie and the others are correct, too, in saying he became complacent because he must have left his defense thinking there is already little time left before the round ended.  He could have anticipated that every moment is Marquez’ opportunity because he was the one with that big and enormous desire to win and defeat him.

It is devastating truly.  It is a sad story especially to the avid fans.  It is a convincing fight though and that is what makes it tougher to take.

We remain Filipinos.  We have to be.  A Pacquiao loss must not debase our race.  We remain proud of what we are because it is not Manny Pacquiao only that constitutes it but our definitive character as Filipinos, even in the face of defeat.


One thought on “A Sad Story

  1. I have not seen this and only was vaguely aware it was happening. All I can say is Marquez has to win at least once. I guess this was that time.

    I'm sure Manny has confidence issue – over confidence. Also, he's not getting any younger.


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