Why not, choc nut?

Do you remember Choc Nut?


It is still in the market.  I love the peanut-y and milky taste but if I ask you this question – would you like to receive Choc Nut as Christmas gift?  Yes, this is a question intended only for Filipinos, if some outsiders would dare ask.

My answer would be no, especially if it is from exchange gift activities during Christmas season.  Simply because Choc Nut can be bought from nearby sari-sari stores and is almost always readily available.  I do not intend to demean the attempt but it is so effortless to be giving such a gift, except if it is included in your monito/a’s wishlist.  Gift-giving must be done with love, with time, and with effort.  After all, we all wish everybody happiness and love during the season, not that we do wish them these only this season, but what is the essence if you would just buy something without that enthusiasm?   The questions will be thrown back to you who decided on giving Choc Nut – would you like to receive Choc Nut as a gift this season?  I know very well you would not.

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