That AI Season Finale

This season 10 American Idol finale is the best among all of the finales. The top 13’s performances are very entertaining. But the most entertaining of all is that performance by Casey Abrams and Jack Black. It was a fun number. The two blended so well that entertainment was never as funny.

Our family is a huge fan of Casey Abrams. We lost enthusiasm watching the show when he was voted out. But when Haley got into top three, we were hopeful that a true artist will win the favor of America. It did not happen but I know that Haley and Casey have a future. They are both talented and are the true depiction of what artists should be, versatile and confident.

But I am happy it was Scotty who won. IMHO, he deserves to win the title than Lauren because of the two, he performed better and his voice is more flexible and fluid than Lauren. I know there are many fans who will not agree but hey, this is an honest opinion. We all have our bets. 😀

Handle with Care

English: Drop tester to simulate shocks to pac...
English: Drop tester to simulate shocks to packaged product from material handling during shipment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a manufacturing company, material handling is an important aspect.  The goods have to reach the destination ‘sound and good’.  It is important that the goods are handled with care.  Improper handling could truly affect the aesthetics or features of the product. In some unfortunate cases, mishandling can affect the quality of the product.

Conveyors, for example, are very important.  They can transport or convey the product to the next stage without much risk of product deformation or getting the chance of contamination.

Fork lifts are equally important, too, as they reserve the products’ quality and status while transferring them from one place to another.

There are still many handling practices that can contribute to good quality and preservation of the products.  The thing is, they have to be maintained and they have to be checked regularly so that they can be used any time when they are needed.

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About Insurances

At you can choose to request for your coverage amount and the time period.  One also has that opportunity to compare insurance quotes with other carriers.  By this, one gets to have comparison and decides on which insurance carrier is the best.

Sad to say that these insurance leads are only available for US citizens.  I just hope that there will also be honest comparisons of insurance quotes here in the Philippines, and that competition is healthy.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.  😀

Off Road Lights for the Rainy Season

The rains and typhoons are here again.  It is essential for vehicles to have Off Road Lights installed for easy travel during the rainy season.  An 8″ LED light bar with 12 LEDs, for example, will provide sustainable light at 36W power consumption.

an off road light

To add to the details of the said light bar, it acts as spotlight that can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle, and on almost all vehicles.  But to be able to cover a larger area, longer light bars with higher wattage or power consumption would be better and perfect to light the road while riding.


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Why we did not have laminate flooring instead

We have a marble floor that has no glossy finish.  We could have a laminate flooring instead with a special no skid feature.  But we were so anxious about Nanay that she’ll slip and break her bones.  We were so afraid that she could have an accident anytime with a glossy floor.  She was starting that time to be enfeebled with her aches and illnesses.

an exceptional laminate flooring


Laminate floors are very sophisticated.  They are so easy to install nowadays.  In fact, in a week’s time, you have a whole new floor with an exceptional appearance.  One day, we are going to have it in our own bedroom!  But first we have to re-design the whole house and that would cost us a large sum.  😀


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He Was in Rehab Before

Someone I know was sent to a drug rehab treatment center for addicts. He got addicted to methamphetamine. Well, when the drug was not still popular, he was addicted to other drugs that is why it was so easy for him to shift to met.

I would not be bothered at all for this man. If he does not want to help himself, it is his choice but the thing is, he has a wife and he has three (3) children. I am very much affected because it is torture to these four victims. They are like held captives in their own home, dealing with the fear, the pain, the chaos, and the emptiness each day.

What makes it more bothersome and sad is two of his children are talented and intelligent pupils. I could not imagine how it is so difficult for these children to cope with the situation. It is the effect on them that will be instilled til they grow old that bothers me the most.

He was in rehab before. I felt so thankful and hopeful. For eight months, the family was happily living with the dire provisions. They were struggling but are at peace. It was like heaven for a short time.

Then he was out and into the world of free men again. Yes, he was free again to use met and torture his family.

It makes me wonder what kind of drug rehabilitation center could truly transform an addict. What life-changing experience could there be so that an addict will totally forget the old ways and be successful in fighting the urge? From what is happening, the treatment center this man had spent his eight months with failed a whole lot. He was transformed into a more formidable monster.

Starting June, the Wedding Dresses!

a simple yet elegant informal wedding dress

The reason for those quips about diet and weight loss, and the pills that go with them is to remind that wedding month – June –  is coming near!

If you are to wed on June then there is no enough time to deal with exercise routines to fit into those beautiful wedding dresses that would look good on a slim figure.  Are you ready to deal with the pills instead?  😀

With slim figures, they say that even informal wedding dresses would look lovely but then again that is a prejudiced idea. I still believe that it is how one carries herself. After all, all brides are supposed to be beautiful or pretty on that day!

a shorter wedding dress

More about diet pills

Then there is a diet pill that can be taken without changing one’s lifestyle.  Can they beat that?!?  Yes, lipozene, according to the reviews can be taken without a change in one’s lifestyle (diet and exercise).

What could also add to one’s interest is it has a fiber sponge called Glucomannan that blows up in the stomach while it absorbs water.  It gives the idea that while you eat healthy and exercise, you can loose weight with lipozene because of the said fiber.

Again, I have not tried this. Minimizing my rice and carbo intake is more interesting to me.  😀

Talking about weight loss pills again

There are over a hundred types of weight loss pills that can be bought over the counter today.  I have not tried any but it always tempts me to try because of the reviews written about them, just like these fenphedrine reviews that talk about fenphedrine.

The reviews said that it is a chemically-altered diet pill. It makes me wonder what ‘chemically-altered’ means. If I am going to translate it, that would me ‘altered or changed by a chemical or chemicals’. Now, the next question is – is that good or bad? They also say that the pill has these attractive characteristics like it can burn fat, assist in weight loss, and loose appetite.

Reading the reviews say a lot of the success. They said it is a proven diet pill that burns fat and loose appetite. They say it works and one will not wait long.

The thing is I do not want to loose appetite! It would be the last thing that I would want to loose. 😀

Thinking of a Hot Tub to Relax

There are so many things in mind that stress me.  I crave for the chance of being soaked, massaged and relaxed in a hot tub! 😀  I would want a jacuzzi or a spa inside the house, of course.  It is not usual in a common and average Filipino community to see a hot tub outdoors.  I might be accused of indecent exposure!  LOL

But this is a piece of information that has something to do with a hot tub.  The hot tub spa cover must also be replaced for efficiency, and also for health reasons.  When water is logged in the cover, the tub’s efficiency is reduced.  Bacteria also grows in waterlogged spa covers causing diseases.

Truly, each piece of furniture, equipment and devices in the house needs maintenance and repair or replacement.  By constant use, they wear off and fail to perform effectively and efficiently.

Protection for the Eyes

Sunglasses are protection for the eyes against the glare of the sun.  Currently, there are a lot of brands that have their individual and unique styles to choose with.  I learned that persol sunglasses is on the list of those known worldwide.

persol sunglasses

These are several criteria that are considered in buying sunglasses:

  • style
  • craftmanship
  • technical innovation
  • flexible temple system
  • polarized crystal lenses
  • anti-fog lenses
  • shatter resistant lenses
  • affordability
  • optical clarity

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

In a post I made last May 4, 2011, I mentioned about the birth announcement for a previous office mate’s angelic bundle of joy.  It is inevitable at times to celebrate it!

And there are new baby gift ideas one can consider and will truly like.  One of them is a dozen of berries dipped in chocolates and other flavors.  Who would not appreciate these succulent berries presented uniquely with its coat and drizzles?

dipped berries

Or a cookie bouquet that is so adorable!  The little baby’s parents will surely love this collection set as a bouquet of crème cookies.

cookie bouquet

I would love those mouth-watering cupcakes, too! 😀

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Maybe Too Late for a Mother’s Day Gift But..

Thinking about a mother’s day gift maybe too late but personalized mothers day rings are nice.  Why did I not come across these ones before? It would be a great gift idea suggestion for friends!

Birthstone rings will be very much appreciated, I believe.  Personally, to have a ring with an emerald stone (which is my birthstone)  on it would be lovely!  There are even rings that are especially made for moms like that Forever Mom ring I saw.

I know, I know it’s kinda late.  But you can have it for Father’s day, too?  Don’t you think?

My Job is to Manage Documents

That should read:  One of my responsibilities is to manage documents.

I work in an organization that is certified to a QMS standard.  Having said that, it is a requirement that the documents (that includes records) have to comply with the requirements of the standard.   It is not an easy task and a document management software would be heaven-sent.

It is not within me to decide of course about matters in running a business or an organization but it would be ideal to have a paperless system where it could speed up processing and at the same time acquire protection for the documents more effectively.

Purchasing a document management software will truly aid in organizing fast, securing effectively, and managing systematically, all documents and records.  As I have mentioned, it is not for me to decide, but I could always suggest.

Searching for a Local Job is Not Easy

Here in the Philippines, day by day, the chances of finding a local job get slimmer.  Online job searches are even not as many.   If there are a few, you have to have the skills that is required in the market.  Or else, you end up in the list of unemployed.

I tend to compare how it is easier in other countries.  Let’s say you are searching for san diego jobs when you are in San Diego, California, there are a lot of online search facilities for the local jobs.

Well, maybe there are some online search facilities already in the Philippines but the jobs are scarce and limited.

Still, try and try until you succeed..