My Father, and the Adult Diapers

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Honestly, before, I did not know that there are adult diapers.  Not until my father had to use them.

When he had a stroke, he went into a coma.   The muscular, strong, and loving person suddenly became feckless, not exactly knowing what was happening around, but I was sure he could still hear things.  His first day in coma showed a tear fell when I held his hand and told him, “Pa, I am here.”

It was a far-fetched reality that my dependable father will one day be in diapers, adult diapers specifically, and that he will be rendered useless against an unexpected situation.  But he was there, lying, motionless, and almost like dead.

The adult diapers looked very big on him.  His scrawny features are like piles of bones and sagging flesh against it.  It does not really matter how absorbent the diapers are, or how protective, or odorless.  They cannot do anything to my father’s abject condition.

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