Cable Covers

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Cable management is important.  With today’s need for cables and the like, cable covers are necessities.  They protect loose cables, cover wire runs, or shield lots of cables.

Cable covers have varieties, too.  There are translucent covers that are perfect for decorative accompaniment.  There are transparent ones , too.  These covers are also helpful in tidying up areas with lots of cords, or covering the exposed cords on the floor.

Do you have them for your home?

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5 thoughts on “Cable Covers

  1. Hi Bing thanks for dropping by my blog…..regarding your post, you seem so techy 😉 well I don't have cable covers but I do use cable ties to organize our cables 😉


  2. don't mention, sards. 🙂 no, i am not that techy/techie. cable ties are very essential.

    hello, bertN! you have to start organizing therefore before it is too late.


  3. For me keeping my cables tidy is a constant battle as I'm the sort of person who enjoys adding more to connect to my PC and entertainment system – than actually using it. I'm sure a lot of blokes can relate. Yes, I also use those IKEA cable tidy which eventually get untidy themselves 🙂


  4. oh, rommel, why would you add more when you're not using them? men really have this habit!

    nakakasakit ng ulo pag di maaayos. 😦


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