The Old James Bond Movies

We are currently watching a James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore.

HBO is having a marathon of James Bond movies.  I say, the old James Bond movies are boring!  The dialogues are drab, and the actions are drag.

The good things about the movies are the gorgeous girls and the beautiful locations.  The whole movie is so dragging that you can predict what will happen next.  It is astonishing that these James Bond movies became popular.

The Pierce Brosnan starrer James Bond movies are the opposite.  Add to the fact that I am a fan. 😀

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6 thoughts on “The Old James Bond Movies

  1. hello, Eric! how are you? 'been a long time! 😀

    when i saw your profile pic i instantly remembered senor enrique. 🙂 are you back to blogging for good?


  2. About two-years ago I received a box set of James Bond DVD for father's day. I've seen most except the first 6 movies. Too bad they can't make anymore of these movies. The last one – Quantum of Solace was already taken from Ian Flemming's short stories rather than a novel.


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