In a Grocery Store Where Mendicants Are

Example of an American grocery store aisle.
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Puregold Balintawak opened today.

The grocery store is big.  The prices are lower.  The most important thing is it is very near our house.

I can’t help but notice though, and this is without judgment, that even the mendicants are allowed inside.  I say they are mendicants because they are dirty all over and their clothes are soiled.  I know, I can still be hated and possible to be branded judgmental.  But who would with their sane minds go to a grocery store all dirty?

Even mendicants, of course, can go buy in a grocery store. What I do not like is their children are unruly and they were running all over the place.  Possible accidents can happen especially at the elevator.

Papsie told the lady guard to prevent them from running to and fro on the elevator and the she seemed not to know what to do.  They simply do not care at all.

Crossing my fingers that the store will last.

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2 thoughts on “In a Grocery Store Where Mendicants Are

  1. yes, when we got back though, there weren't people like i saw the first time. i hope they only allowed everybody during the first day of opening as promotion. 🙂


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