Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

It is so funny to read a FB friend showing a version of different Christmas songs in his update status. It reminds me of the children that sing carols every after Simbang Gabi. And it goes like this:

“Sa may bahay, ang aming bati, merry Christmas na lalwalhati…!”

My FB friend has his own version of a Christmas song:

Chess knock roasting on an open pie-er.

Jack post nipping at your north.
yung Tide. Carols being sun by ac-quire.
En pokes dress up like his chimos.
Ebery buddy nows, a turk key en some Mrs. Tow
help to make da see-saw brayt…

And here is another one:

Long lays da words in sing en errors pyding;’
til he apirs en da sol pelt its whore.
A trill of hopes da wir we word its joyces.
por younger brakes a new en gorgious morn.
poll on yor kneel, oh hir da angle boyses.
oh nite divide.OH NITE Divide!!!!!

He is funny. Really.

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