Holy Week, Fish Week, Happy House!

I was truly excited when Thursday came.  It was the start of vacation and it will be four days of pure rest and relaxation.  It will soon end.  Tomorrow, it will be the start of work again.  Endless, again.  But at least I get to experience vacations such as these.

We were not able to get to our plan checking out one of those famous baroque church in Bulacan but the whole four days is fun with the family.  I really did not get myself so busy writing though I attempted to write some easy and quick family recipes which main ingredient is fish.  Last Thursday, I documented (?) the procedure of preparing and cooking Sinigang na Talakitok in Miso.  It was fun.  I didn’t know that talakitok is trevally in English.  I guess we really never stop to learn.

On Friday we had grilled tilapia, not exactly the one cooked under the fire but one using the turbo broiler.  I had it documented again here.  I am getting used to writing down these easy and quick  family recipes.   Again, it was fun!  😀

Then on Saturday, I wrote down the recipe How to Cook Delicious Lomi.  That was our lunch.  Papsie suddenly thought that we should not be together all the time because we want to eat together all the time!  And that would bloat us fast.  Kay reminded him that we should always eat in moderation therefore.  Daryl does not mind the two.  He was busy savoring the sublime. he he  😀

The house is happy.  Yes, you heard it right.  Of course, the family is happy but the house is happy, too!  They missed me a lot, the furnitures, the floor, the cupboard, the comfort room, everything!  They had once again experience being ‘clean’.  Didn’t I tell you this week is for relaxation?  😀


2 thoughts on “Holy Week, Fish Week, Happy House!

  1. Yummy tilapia and lomi! I have not eaten lomi for a long time now.

    Hey, I didn't know you write easy-to-make food recipes. Ang galing. Yesterday, I was telling my talented writer-friend to get into food blogging kasi she is a good cook and a great mom.

    Glad you enjoyed your long weekend with the family. Nag-DVD din ba kayo?


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