Christmas’s for the children, what about New Year?

Though the celebration of Christmas is for everybody, I personally feel that it is a day for the children.  It is a feeling of joy that has no equivalent.  If we adults feel the thrill of receiving gifts, the more it is for the little children.

I had witnessed first hand the joy that my two children showed and expressed when they were young. It is so precious to see them filled with happiness.  It really does not matter what price we intend for the gifts.  The children wanted gifts that will be unwrapped by their own little hands and be thrilled while they were doing the process.

What about the New Year celebration?  I believe that though we involve the children in the event, it is an event for the adults.  It is time for all of us to reflect.

It is time for us to really think if what we do and say to our fellow human beings will help.  There is a saying that if we have nothing good to say about another person, do not say it anymore.  Something to that effect.  I truly cannot recall the exact quote.  And that goes especially to people who have done nothing wrong against you.  Even those who were wronged still does not have the license to have a demolition team against a person, or character assassinate a person, what more if the person you were blabbering about with nasty things had not done anything wrong against you?

Well, maybe everybody is guilty about it for one reason or another.  But we all can try to be ‘honest’ with ourselves.  Stay focused is what we have to do.  Do the things we do, like keeping watch of what other people do and say all the time, gives you direction?  If not, then one who is guilty is a masochist who likes to hurt self with things that they interpret as hurtful when others do not really care at all.

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