Photohunt: Daily

I was not able to participate in Photohunt challenges the past weeks because of a very sad incident in our lives.  Today, I am sharing you my choice of daily photos.

Here is the first:

Kay trying a serious pose

Everyday, I see this pretty lady leaving for and arriving from school and she always looks fresh with her smile. The photo above is a fun shot trying to humor herself with a humorless face. In truth, I admire my daughter’s determination to stay slender and fit. And yes, she will not be consulting the web for phentermine reviews yet!  She is very conscious of what she puts in her mouth.  She stays away from softdrinks, eats only little servings of rice, and avoids fatty food as much as possible.

Here is the second pic:

Daryl reading again

My son, on the other hand, is more of the serious kind.  But he socializes, too, and has a handful of friends actually.  It is a daily scene in the morning where you see him reading his notes, or surfing the net for his school work.  In this pic, you see him reading a book which he brought in the party.  He told us that while waiting for the food, it would be best to use the time reading the book for his paper.  Some kind of serious, eh?

And also:

These two lovely kids I see daily in the morning before I go to work.


24 thoughts on “Photohunt: Daily

  1. thank you, carin. glad you like my take. 🙂

    those kids are bundles of joy, kelly! 🙂

    thanks, ipanema!

    they are, ytsl. gives me that super strength and hope and joy. 🙂

    oh, jack and jill into diets, too, alice?

    thank you, marcia, carver, and willa.

    oh, thank you, mrs mecomber. God bless you, too. 🙂

    they are blessings, A.. 🙂 thank you.

    thank you very much, jams and rj flamingo. appreciate it. 🙂 Nanay is hubby's mother who'd been with us since we got married.


  2. Sabi ng magulang ko sa akin noon, Enjoy your kids while they are young, because when they grow older, you'll missed them. Nakaka-miss yung baby pa sila, hindi ba, bing?


  3. thanks, magiceye 🙂

    oh, thank you so much, teresa. the smiles on their faces are stress relievers.

    yea, what is more important? love your photos, scott.

    it is, jerry 🙂

    thank you, cherry pie and annie! 🙂

    oo naman, blogusvox. been telling my friends about that, too. yakapin na nila nang yakapin hanggang mayayakap pa. 🙂


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