Even with Human Growth Hormones

Sometimes life can be so unfair.  You wonder why despite the perseverance to achieve a worry-free life, bad situations keep on emerging.  And I wonder, I truly wonder if human growth hormones, with all their claims of reversing the aging process, can do something about keeping the stress away that contributes to one’s graying hair and exhausted physique.

No, I don’t think products as exceptional as these human growth hormones can bury these worries, these predicaments that seem to have no solutions.  Perhaps they can give one a high because of the initial effect but I couldn’t believe they can change the fact that one is facing huge concerns and is bombarded with misfortunes.  For how can they prevent the effects of burdens, disappointments, difficulties or ill fortune?

Sometimes life can be so unfair.  Better opportunities are laid for the flush and the loaded when they are much needed by the lacking and impoverished fellows of this planet Earth.  Riches are unreachable for the not rich mortals.  They are made available for the corrupt, evil, coldhearted and unfeeling humans.  But I am not generalizing.  It is just so frustrating to see some undeserving people wallow in affluence and those who strive and toil hard suffer in torment and inconvenience.

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