Cute Baby Drake

baby drake in his stroller

Though he is not in a Bob revolution stroller, baby Drake still looks cute and cuddly.  His eyes always beg you to come get him.

Babies are always bundles of joy.  To me, every baby is beautiful.  There is always that sweet smell, flawless skin, and very innocent look.  They are little angels that make the day.

It is truly sad that some mothers or parents do not see them as heaven-sent and a delight.  While some wishes fervently for even only a child, there are many who neglect their children and do not care less.

It is indeed an ugly truth that some babies who are as immaculate and harmless could be harmed.  Some of them are even molested or left alone in the streets.  Some are not fed and taken care of.

Babies are bundles of joy, and they don’t deserve any of what I mentioned.  They deserve more than anything or even more than the lives of those who had procreated them.  They are tiny lives that deserve the best.  They are blessings from God.


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