Grow your Hair, Trim Your Hair, Loose it

The hair is our crowning glory.  That is why people from all over the world do everything to make it look beautiful. They grow it, then trim it.  Not only that, they color it, they perm it, they rebond it, they treat it.  They not only wash and shampoo it.

Because of these complex processes, the hair follicles become weak.  The hair starts to fall, and worse, it does not grow back.  Then people starts looking for whatever cure for hair loss that could grow it back.  Sometimes there are successes, sometimes there aren’t.

We can relate what we do to our hair to what we do to our life.  The complexities that we let our lives experience causes its light to flicker and sometimes die.   The harshness we let our lives endure causes death.  Not in the realistic sense but implicitly.  Not in the truest form but pragmatically.

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