Healing from a Loss

Today’s technology and science make it easy for us to get rid of physical imperfections like an acne cleanser to an acne, steroids to body enhancements, liposuction to excess fat, supplements to body needs, etc.

But the scars left by the loss of a dearly departed will take time to heal.  It will not be easy but with each other’s support, it will be.

Being with Nanay for the longest time, Papsie is the one most affected.  During the time Nanay was ailing, he was very much overwrought that there are nights he cried.  He always uttered that if only he can find a way to ease the pain, or end Nanay’s suffering, he will give it to her willingly.  But Nanay was very firm in her decision not to be brought to the hospital.  Papsie was so helpless that time, silently bearing the pain, giving in to her dear mother’s wishes.

By the time we decided to bring her to the hospital against her wishes, the poor old woman was cussing inside the car, unable to say what she wanted to say but letting everybody know that she really did not want to be carried to the hospital.

When Papsie saw the following day that her vital signs were not improving and the BP was going down, he decided to go home making an alibi to the priest that he still have something important to do for Nanay’s sake.  The truth is, he cannot bear seeing Nanay go.  The pain was unbearable for him that he was worried it would affect him that much, thinking also that he is hypertensive.

Nanay died without Papsie by her side.  But I know she would not mind.  The many moments, days, months, and years were enough to prove how he loved her so much.  Papsie tried very hard to be a good son to Nanay even during those time he felt that all the things that he’s doing were not appreciated.  Papsie repaid the goodness Nanay had shown.  He counted the good things against the bad, and Nanay still is the best nanay for him.


10 thoughts on “Healing from a Loss

  1. My girlfriend is spending much time at the home of her eyang (lola) and her family is there for special prayer in the days after her death. I know that when members of my family have died, there was profound relief; us knowing that the suffering was finally over. I believe that it is good to feel that satisfaction while also feeling the grief that comes when a loved one dies


  2. very true, keith. somehow there is this feeling of relief because you know that the loved one is now at peace and is not suffering. also, the people around who loves and cares for the ill and dying were also relieved. it is not easy to take care of the sick.


  3. I missed tuloy my own Mom. Like Papsie, I wasn't there when she passed away. Oras lang ang pagitan. I was in NAIA already when the news reached me.

    My heartfelt condolence to you and your family, bing.


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