Car Accidents Scare

Who would not think of getting a car insurance seeing pictures like this?

Our car had had many accidents already.  Two months after we acquired it, it got hit by a passenger jeep while Papsie was about to enter our street.  It’s a good thing that the sides that were hit by the PUJ and slammed into the stone wall were the rear part.

The next one was in an intersection in Quezon City when a truck collide with it and wrecked the hood.  The next one was in Antipolo where a seemingly shoe delivery truck do not have a rear view mirror and bumped the front right door with its rear.

And the fourth one?  Yes, there is still a fourth.  A drunken druggie riding his bike and avoiding a bump on the road slammed directly to our hood.  And I was with Papsie then.  I froze.  It’s a good thing Papsie was alert and stopped the car while he was still moving towards us.  I thought we killed somebody.  Good Lord, I am so thankful we didn’t!

That is why the car accidents scare.  We had had a number to reckon.  And I hope the last will be the last.

2 thoughts on “Car Accidents Scare

  1. Yikes – these people who drive large trucks have the habit of railroading smaller vehicles *&^! Many moons ago when I was still living in Manila, a truck clipped my car, because the driver squeezed himself into the queue 😦
    I hope they make DUI ( Driving Under the Influence) a law in Manila. It will make the place much safer.


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