If You Are Jinkee Pacquiao

Stumbled upon an interview with Jinkee Pacquiao by Thea Alberto.  In her interview, Jinkee on Krista:  Giving Up Because of Her is Not Worth It, Jinkee has this to say (translated in English):

There is just so much intrigue, and there are times where you feel like giving up. But we can’t allow it, and we shouldn’t allow it. Giving up because of women like her is not worth it.

I believe that every wife for that matter would not give up on her husband easily, much more on someone like Manny Pacquiao. Admit or not, the champion is a prized catch. To split up marriage with him, or simply annul it, will cost any wife regret.  Admit or not.

In fairness to Manny, he had stood many times for his wife, and was able to show the world that he loves his wife.  He might have gone astray for a while, and might have ‘tolerated’ a woman like Krista, or whoever,  for reasons only he knows, but still he clung to his wife.  He is still with his wife and not with any other woman.  No one really knows what is happening between them but the fact that he chose to be with his wife is what matters.

It would be a different story if he flaunts his machismo, or if he physically abuses his wife, or talks openly about his affairs on television or any other media.  That would definitely pose another scenario.

I would have other questions in my mind though:

  • What if Manny admitted doing it with another woman, or to having a one night stand with another?  With a status like Manny’s, I believe that women will gather like bees each with desire to bed him, seriously or not.
  • What if Manny confessed that he fell for another, like being still in love until the time he confessed?  Which is not impossible,  but will still fall under temptation, which could be mistaken as falling in love.  There will always be a thin line between love and lust.
  • What if Manny has a love child that will suddenly appear and will be proven that the child was truly his?  Now, this bit of news had surfaced before and was gone after a few blinks.  It just proved it was not true.  But who says it is not possible?

6 thoughts on “If You Are Jinkee Pacquiao

  1. jinkee is really patient and strong. more than the money [or in addition to the money], i think she really does love manny that much.

    thanks for dropping by! 🙂


  2. On your last thought:
    Just because the news died quickly doesn't mean its not true.

    Since the “other” woman wants a settlement to the tune of 10M as “support” for Manny's child from her. Have you consider 10M is just “chicken feed” to Pacman and could easily gave it away to shut her up?

    Ano ba ito? Bakit buhay ng mi buhay ang pinag-uusapan natin, bing? : )


  3. i also look at her as strong woman, kg. some women will react differently not in a cool manner like she does.

    i do believe that, too, sidney. that there is no excuse for unfaithfulness. big lies, small lies, they are both lies. and i am not saying it is ok when Manny's just flirting. no, but there always has to be a chance to be given for someone to be heard.

    ha ha tsika ba ang dating sa yo, blogusvox? seriously, i did not write for the sake of talking about Manny having an affair (which is a stale story already). i wrote about the strength of a woman like Jinkee. i wrote about them because i wanted to tell how a wife stood the test of times. she is still the woman her man chose to be with. and that is something for me. we all can learn a lesson from stories not merely talking about illicit affairs and uncertain facts. 😀


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