Aling Baby’s grandchild died: a case of SIDS

You might be wondering who Aling Baby is.  She is that little woman in her midlife who irons our clothes every Sunday.  And yes, her grandchild died last week.  The little angel was not even a month old.

I felt sad for her and for her daughter.  Life’s challenges can be very cruel at times.

Aling Baby said her daughter failed to burp the baby and milk intake from breastfeeding flooded the lungs.  It was my first time to hear this and so I searched for the causes of baby deaths.

In this page, I learned about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which according to the expert is “sudden and unexplained death of a baby under 1 year of age”.  It is widely known as “crib death”, too.  Causes were listed as:

  1. a disorder in how the babies’ bodies responded to the brain chemical serotonin.
  2. babies sleeping on their stomach
  3. unsafe sleeping condition where there are many toys, pillows or comforters
  4. overheated rooms
  5. covered face and head
  6. smoking around the baby
  7. respiratory distress syndrome
  8. abuse and neglect

I am not sure what of the above reasons was the cause of Aling baby’s grandchild.  It may not be because the daughter was not able to burp the baby.

10 thoughts on “Aling Baby’s grandchild died: a case of SIDS

  1. that is what i told Aling Baby. young parents should be educated with what to do. they should also ask more often about things. ignorance is not an excuse, di ba, ceblogger?

    thank you, alice. when my babies were little, too, i also wake up in the middle of the night. hubby and i take turns, too, looking after them. it is not a joke to have a baby!


  2. this month, a friend's infant son also passed away due to SIDS. This syndrome strikes across all social classes because my friend and his wife are both ER physicians. May God help them cope with this tragedy and heal their wounded souls.


  3. that is so sad, tk. and yes it is not a syndrome that befalls only the poor. it does not choose. it makes me sad of the thought how mothers carry them for 9 months and loose them only after only a month or so.


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