Photohunt: Fresh

How lovely to look at how fresh faces can be with the happy smiles!

In the photo is daughter Kay and grandson to nephew Raffy, Drew.  He loves to smile in front of the camera.  😀

Here’s another photo of those fresh smiles.

Photohunt‘s theme yesterday is FRESH.  Go and visit.  I know, I am late posting again.  But what can I do? The house chores are screaming! 😀

9 thoughts on “Photohunt: Fresh

  1. How things change! My own kids liked to get right up in your face with big sloppy grins, enough to melt your heart. Now they are teenagers and like to get in your face in a completely different way, without the grins.


  2. sometimes it is what it's like with my kids, too, alice audrey. 😦

    it is, eastcoastlife. 🙂

    thanks for appreciating, marina. 🙂

    glad they did, susanne. 😀

    thanks, ipanema, and girasoli. 🙂


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