Photohunt: Three

Kay's high school friends

This is my take on Photohunt‘s theme yesterday.  I know, I am late again.

These three girls are my daughter’s high school friends.  Pretty pic, isn’t it?  They look gorgeous.  I bet they are not searching for top fat burners yet.

In connection to this, I feel sad for those girls who suffer from anorexia and/or bulimia.  It is a frightening psychological illness that can probably cause death.   The pressure of vanity can truly harm and kill.


11 thoughts on “Photohunt: Three

  1. They are indeed gorgeous! Where were they when I was in high school?
    Most of my female high school classmates were fat and visually challenged and those who were not, wore thick glasses and their parents want to know your gpa before they'll let you in their homes LOL.


  2. My klasmeyts are very forgiving (we still keep in touch) because they know I looked worse than how I described them. They said age becomes them but Nature gave up on me at first sight. I was “Mission Impossible” personified LOL.


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