Word of Mouth Equals Foolish Talk

While I was at the washing area spin drying clothes the other night, a group of men was outside drinking liquor.  This is a sight almost every night; the men drinking and talking noisily about anything.

But this night was different.  I do not have the intention of listening to idle talks especially coming from drunken men who are not even my friends.  Suddenly, one of them mentioned something about his wife always inspecting his cell phone.  It is a bad habit, I agree, especially if it becomes a regular habit.  We all deserve our privacy.  But what was the husband doing?  Why is he telling his comrades about his wife’s habit in a drunken state?

His complaint ensued a statement from the listeners, which is at that point are all in a drunken state, too.  The first one told him that his wife truly has a bad character and she is lucky that he (the husband) is kind enough to let the incident pass.  He continued that if he was the one in his place, he will slap her face or throw a chair to her.  (How cruel and barbaric!)  Then the other one seconded the motion and said, wives are like that.  He carried on saying that once her wife took the habit of nagging him and he gave her a knock on the head really hard that his wife stopped pestering him.  (I cannot believe that there exist husbands like these men in our neighborhood who can hurt their wives without regret!)

I was affected and truly annoyed.  While I was moving my head right and left in disagreement, I blurted out the words “foolish talk” and went inside the house ranting about the cruelty and insensibility of these men.  I told my husband about the whole thing.  He just smiled.  My daughter’s comment was that some men are ill-bred, shallow minded and uneducated.  They cannot even understand the “foolish talk” I cried.

My daughter was right.  Perhaps these men are truly, truly insensible that they had not even considered my presence and the possibility that I could hear what they were saying about a particular woman. (I was not very near them but I wasn’t even very far to hear them!)  I mean, how could they generalize as if saying I also have a bad trait?  I must have been very sensitive or thin-skinned but I tried my very best to weigh up that perhaps there was no intention against me and they are simply drunken men airing their drunken thoughts and sorrows.


5 thoughts on “Word of Mouth Equals Foolish Talk

  1. i think they're not tall tales, blogusvox. the tone was serious. they're not like speaking with bragadoccio. it was like giving advise to the other. they sound drunken but they also sound serious.

    the more that these men becomes insensible to me, mk. not with that type of kwentuhan na para bang dapat lang saktan at batukan ang mga babae. we girls also talk about our men but not to the extent of telling that we wanted to kill our husband or hurt them like they deserve it. well, at least with my group of friends, we don't. everybody's not perfect but everybody deserves respect. kung lumalabas yun sa bibig ng isang lasing, yun ang laman ng isip at puso. no, i don't think and agree that it's just usapang lasing.


  2. I woulnd't want my wife to mess around with my cell phone or email either but that doesn't mean I'd give he a KO punch ala Hatton if she does it ! It's all drunk talk methinks 😉


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