Arnel Pineda’s Awkward Singing?

While I maintain my adherence to the cliché “ignorance of the law excuses no one”, I wonder how Arnel Pineda got to belt out in that Pacquiao Texas fight an awkward singing without a heads up.

Who failed this time?

Time and again, the renditions were failures.  In many instances, artists did not pass the proper way of singing the national anthem.  In my last year’s post in Digital Journal, Martin Nievera’s Controversial Singing, I saw that NHI fell short in their actions on instilling the laws and values regarding the national anthem.  How come there were no warnings albeit there were previous cases where the artists who sang in this renowned Pacquiao fights rendered the song in their own styles?

Was it Arnel Pineda’s camp who were careless in giving advise to the singer?

In a way, yes, but I believe that the weight is not with them.  NHI could have done something to prevent another awkward singing of the national anthem.  They have their chance to admonish or forewarn Arnel Pineda’s camp; or Pacquiao’s, if they do not have any information who will sing in the fight.  In addition, they could have suggested to the group to consider a singer from a famous choir that could sing the anthem in the right tempo.

It is becoming a cycle and the whole thing is frustrating.  I just could not imagine how one could be a criminal when he does not possess the right tone and sings the national anthem with the wrong note, or how the criminals in the government are held innocent while singing the anthem with the right tempo and note.  How odd.


3 thoughts on “Arnel Pineda’s Awkward Singing?

  1. Hay, I just don't really understand why these singers can't get it through their heads that Lupang Hinirang is a marching song and not a “birit” song! Nandoon na ako sa when you're proud and all, your emotions might just fly and you get carried away pero, hello, the singing of the National Anthem is not a venue to show your prowess in singing or in “birit” at that! Tsk.


  2. hi, arlini!! he sings like a rock star that is why nagtataka ako bat sya ang pinili. 🙂

    the question, baby pink, is why they were the ones chosen. pwede namang a member from a prestigious choir group or those who sings classical songs. i mean bat kailangan kumuha ng pop singer or ballad singer?


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