Employment Screening Jitters

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Do you recall your first experiences applying for a job, trying to get hired?  I remember my first job applications.  I must admit I was really, really nervous even if I don’t have anything to be afraid about.

I think employment screening jitters are normal.  Though you are so sure that nothing in your record can be injurious to your person, it is the thought of background checks that contributes to the fright.  I must admit I was very afraid before that employers would discover that I have unscrupulous relatives that will be discovered along the way.  And I was not even sure then if there is! Silly, isn’t it?  But that was before when I was still so naive in thoughts, words and actions.

Still, I can’t get over with my skepticism on these verification procedures.  You know, the kind where investigators can get overboard.   I really have no idea and I cannot help but be skeptical though I know it is every employer’s right to verify.

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