Photohunt: Foreign

The photo above shows Grace – a niece and an albino. She had always been like foreign to many because of her color and looks. It was not easy for her, as expected, because some people were ignorant of her condition. There were many speculations about it and it was annoying to her at first. At present, Grace seems to have lived with the situation and dealt with it with grace 🙂  Also, people are becoming aware of this condition.  The tv medium has been helpful with the information about albinism.

Grace deserves loose diamonds when she decides to marry one day. She was one of those grandchildren Nanay liked.  It is because Grace showed kindness to her when she was still alive.  Nanay was very fond of her.  As an individual, she is a brave young woman despite the condition.  She had learned to cope with the challenges and treated them with courage.   She may look frail because she is an albino but she is tough within.  That is why she deserves the best.

I am late for Photohunt but I’ll still be posting anyway!


2 thoughts on “Photohunt: Foreign

  1. Again this is one of those themes that can easily take so many directions. You chose an excellent one that tells an important story. Great job and perfect for the theme.


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