Technical Careers

There are actually many types of technical careers one could choose from:  engineers, researchers, analyst, designers, or IT crews and professionals.   I bumped into a nice site called Best Job Philippines and it provides anyone a technical career he/she desires.  Let’s say for example you are into an IT job search, all you have to do at Best Jobs Philippines is add and update your resume then set-up and modify a job alert.

It is also very easy for an employer to find the best candidate for a job.  All they need is put up an account then post a job or search for a resume.

Why did I suddenly think of writing about technical careers?  I just realized how valuable it is to be involved in a technical job:

  • It exercises the mind.
  • It gives you these intellectual challenges most of the time.
  • It kills time.
  • It develops your skills in analyzing and problem-solving.
  • It gives you a foresight and helps you create preventive measures.

I am sure that other careers also provide some of the benefits I had listed above but not all of them.  Having a technical career is fulfilling in a sense and is contributory to one’s technical growth.


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