Photohunt: Anything Goes

I know, I am late again for Photohunt! But will still post. This week’s theme is free for everybody. That means anything goes.

I am featuring Dagul here, the most doting cat in the household. I noticed that this male cat we love so much is already growing old. But he is still the same fierce and territorial cat that we know. He challenges every male cat that goes to our house when the felines are in heat. He is very possessive.

The other day Dagul went home looking down. He just laid there on the floor silent and morose. Daughter Kay noticed that he had wounds on different parts of the body – on the face, on his chest and on his feet. When Kay talked to him, he made a sound like he was reporting something. I felt worried and told Kay to treat the wounds. Kay told me that he will get over it and the wounds will heal by themselves. Luckily, the wounds are not deep and they’ve healed already. I wonder if the papillae on his tongue had helped heal the wounds. And maybe this is why cats don’t need acne treatments?

Or maybe cats really have nine lives? Hmm.. but Dagul had fought not only nine times.


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