Photohunt: Spots


I am sure everyone of us have our favorite food SPOTS that become our favorite for all season. Banapple is a bakery and cafe that serves not only pies, cakes and desserts but also good food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here are some of our favorites (You can click the thumbnails for a larger view):



Photohunt: Focus/Technical



Daughter Kay showing her masterpieces - educational cards you see at bookstores.
Daughter Kay showing her masterpieces – educational cards you see at bookstores.

You can see how these pretty little visitors were focused on what Kay was telling them.  Of course, these little ones have no idea about the technical stuff of doing these pieces of art works.

Here is another pic.


Today there will surely be a lot of FOCUS pictures here.

Photohunt: Deluxe


Her name is Dianne. She is truly one admirable lady who had given us deluxe service when we had our dinner last night at Mandarin Sky, a Chinese shabu-shabu restaurant. She patiently explained each meal we got interested in and suggested the best seller soup which is the spinach soup. She always checked if we wanted something or we liked to have a refill of the tea.

I’ll see what the other photohunters have for this Saturday’s theme.

Photohunt: Bridge

photohunt-labelI cannot find the one photo that will exactly depict the theme.  I discovered we hadn’t considered taking photos of bridges.  That I have to remember next time when we get the chance to go to places where there are bridges.  It must have been probably because the ones that we get to see are not as exceptional or special as the ones I see in photos.

This one though is a little bridge that connects a path in a lagoon divided by a small body of water, if we can call it a body of water.  It is a small creek where this very small bridge in the university’s lagoon was created.

Daughter Kay here was only in second year college.  I remember these were the times when we were very active jogging every Sunday of each week.

pic 41

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Photohunt: Ripple


Theme was repeated I learned then I remembered I participated last time but with the ‘S’ in RIPPLE.  You can find it here.

Today, after a long vacation from participating in the hunt, I am sharing two (2) photos that I think portray this Saturday’s theme.  Yes, I know, this time I am very early.

styro cups during the wake

Here is another one that is very cute for me.

little feet

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Photohunt: Neat

After the chaos from the super typhoon in the country, I guess what every one wishes is order, and also a neat place and situation to live in.

I chose this photo as it conveys simplicity with a substance – a true depiction of neat.from Kay's camera 123012 169photohunt-label

I am still fazed with how the government dealt with the tragedy that befell the country but I am trying to pray and hope that things will be better, that with a ray of hope, each of those affected will be able to rise, with the whole of the citizenry helping, and with the aid coming from other countries.

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Photohunt: Musical

In 2010, we went to a ballroom party and witnessed a lot of musical dance performances but what caught our attention is the performance of a not so young but no so old woman and her dance instructor.  I could not remember the beat, if it was tango or cha-cha, but it was a very mesmerizing performance that caught everybody’s attention.  I learned later that the woman is a champion in many ballroom dance competitions.

Vday! 091

Vday! 099

Vday! 095

Vday! 101

photohunt-labelShe looked so elegant and truly graceful.  She must be very strong and healthy to perform so fluid with the music.

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Photohunt: Stir

This is a favorite Filipino dish known as Nilagang Bulalo or Beef Marrow Stew.  It causes a stir in the palate and among friends and family while savoring its wonderful taste. It is one of the delicious dishes that many love, and has a few versions of it in some parts of the country.

If you are interested to try it, you can find the recipe here.

april2anniv 019photohunt-label

Check out what the other photo hunters have for this Saturday’s Photohunt.

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Photohunt: Plant

I am late again for last Saturday’s Photohunt.  Thanks to our crazy interconnection plus the the little time I have for everything but still I am sharing you these:

chopping boards with fairies planted on their surfaces


laddles intricately painted planted on the wall
laddles intricately painted planted on the wall

These two are part of an exhibit my daughter and her colleagues put up a few months ago.

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