Heartbreaking Clips


I heard from the radio that Pangasinan was ravaged by flood waters. There are a lot of dead and missing people. In La Trinidad, Benguet, 100 died from landslides. In some parts of Cagayan and Tarlac, there are flooded areas, too. There are many cadavers floating in the waters but I am not sure where. And many more stories.


Rescue is very difficult for motor boats and rubber boats because of the strong currents of the ravaging flood waters. A local official is pleading from private citizens to offer their helicopters to be used in the rescue. The Philippine government does not have enough air vehicles for the rescue?


There is no effective urban planning in localities someone said. People, including officials, just helplessly wait for the catastrophe to come because there are really no concrete plans and projects to prevent this much damage from typhoons the localities are experiencing. Where is all the money, the funds? Then add the fact that the mountains are already made bald by the notorious illegal loggers. Where is political will?


Workers rushed to the Personnel section (HRD for some); those who want to withdraw their application for SSS and Pag-ibig calamity loans. They thought it was the same arrangement as before where separate calamity loans are allotted for the affected people or for the victims. At present, there are no separate calamity loans. When one decides to loan because he is affected, he will get not the whole 80% of his contribution but only the remaining money from the current salary loan that he has. He is lucky if he does not have a current salary loan.

11 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Clips

  1. Sad to hear about this. Saw on CNN last night the videos of the Pepeng victims in Northern Luzon.

    Worried for my church planter-friend who lives with an old Nanay Nanayan.


  2. It is really terrible… yes we are unprepared and we lack everything to help the people efficiently. Will it change in the future????


  3. heartbreaking indeed and also i want to rant against the dam operators of napocor. till now they don't know how to properly manage the water releasing to release water to keep a minimum level before the rains come. they have the data for years and yet they're still not using their minds to do it properly. they erred again with ondoy and a week later with pepeng.


  4. country's still in bad shape, bengbeng. hats off to the volunteers!

    oo nga, e, photo cache. ngayon nga konting ulan lang e nag-aalala na ako.

    talagang mag-aalala ka, jayred, sobrang devastation sa pangasinan lalo na dun sa rosales.

    i hope there is still something that could be done, sidney.

    exactly, tutubi! so inefficient sila. dapat sila ang inanod, e!


  5. This is a very unfortunate event. It's even more frightening to know that the Philippines don't have the necessary amount of helicopters to help the rescue? If they don't have enough helicopters, the US should ten offer their choppers located in that area.


  6. hi, bret, truly unfortunate. what more can i say. it really saddens me to know that the country seems not to have enough vehicles, like choppers and rubber boats, to be used for the rescue. heard that there are only 13 rubber boats available. i am not sure how true.


  7. that's so sad. people in the provinces don't have the best disaster fighting ability because the govt focuses its effort on large urban areas. money is just a stop gap solution in this case but even this it is hard to find 😦


  8. it makes me sad and mad at the same time, bw. planning sucks here in the Pinas. they plan but do not maintain. sayang kasi kung mapupunta sa maintenance ang pera at di sa bulsa, di ba? that is how dirty politics is in our country.


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