Last Friday, July 20, I went to see some batchmates in high school through the invitation of Digna.  Remembering Papsie’s words about invitations, I accepted even though I was not sure how I will go along with these girls who were not my classmates with only a few of them I can recall.  Honestly, I cannot exactly remember Digna in person.  I only got to know her and be acquainted with her again on Facebook.   I was thankful though that I decided to go and discover how cool it is to be reunited again with batchmates/schoolmates after more than two decades with an exemption of a few who I had met a lot of times already the past months.    Thanks a lot to Digna for this experience.

It was nice meeting them and getting to know about them and their family.  It made me think that a lot of things had changed not to mention ‘how we’ve grown’.  It is such a nice feeling to discover the person in each of them.  We had a lot of laughs and exchanged nasty jokes even.  I have to say it was a really fun night exclusively for the girls.  😀

A date with Digna de Vera

Just last March this year, we also had a date with Edna Rosales.  We also had lots of fun and laughter, thanks a lot to Joven and everybody.  The boys were invited here.

A date with Edna Rosales

Last year, July, 2011, Leonie Cacatian Choa invited us also to have dinner with her.  I was so glad to see her again.  It was only in Facebook that I get to know the real Leonie who was a really funny and kind person.  She was more than that when I met her again in person.  I felt welcome and accepted.  I like feeling the feeling of friendship all over.

A date with Leonie Choa

In November, 2010, Flor invited us all to her birthday celebration which surprisingly was held at the house of our adviser, Mrs. de Jesus.  This composed of classmates mostly.  I had donned a sports attire because Flor said to bring my badminton set.  The time ran out because it was not enough for the stories.

Flor’s birthday

After the batch get together in 2010, Helen Esguerra Amigable invited us last September, 2010, the class of IV-1 Marangal where she was staying.  This was my first time to attend an invitation.  There was booze, lots of laughter and reminiscence.  It was a fun night, too.  I went home late.

A date with Helen Amigable

Reunions are fun.  Gone were the days of vanity and insecurity and competition.  These are moments of reuniting with friends, and perhaps, non-friends, but void of intentions to show off, well at least to me, it is.  These are moments of getting to know more, of hugging a dear friend to let her feel how she or he was missed.  These are moments of rediscovery, of finding treasures once more.  😀  Says Lilibeth, in a comment, “Ulitin natin ‘to!”  😀

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