Intercoms in the Office

Bolinder’s “Teleradio” intercom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The intercom device in the office that I saw when I first got in was the traditional type with analog electronics.  Actually, I didn’t get to learn how they’re used.  It shocked me one day to hear someone’s voice calling another officemate to go back to their office.  I heard everything she said.  😀  I wondered if there was a way to control the paging where one can limit the conversation to only a certain station.

Today intercoms come in different designs, and some with even state of the art designs.  They come with the latest technology tested according to requirements and with rigid standards.  Some designs come with decorative door phones interfaced with the telephone, weather proof control access and keypads, video intercom set, LCD screen monitors, speakers, cables, deadbolt locks, magnetic locks,

One type of intercom is the telephone entry intercom system with a decorative door phone used in door entries, and also another of this type with two decorative door phones.  Another type is the video hands free intercom system also used in door entries with a wide range of power supply where one can talk to people at the door and see them.  From these types are different variations one can do with their intercom system.

It is now clear that intercom systems’ purpose is for protection and security which had made me wonder more about that old intercom system in the office.


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