Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Video

The showbiz buzz about a sex video between Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili has been the content of news and entertainment shows. The video evoked varied reactions but mostly sympathy was accorded to the young actress Katrina Halili.

It is truly amusing how Filipinos can be affected. Showbiz news are always hot. Filipinos are always ready to give their unsolicited opinions and some being judgmental easily condemned Hayden Kho for the sex video, a different one from the dance video.

First things first. What part of the code of ethics of doctors did he violate? I am not pro-Hayden Kho. I am not a fan. But to hear Senator Ramon Revilla talk about how sick Hayden Kho is, it makes me sick, too. How can he find fault with someone like Kho when he himself also had issues with his co-actresses before? I mean, he is a public servant and I think the moral issues are more his issues than of a doctor’s. The sex video has nothing to do with Hayden Kho’s being a doctor.

It is credible for Gabriela to condemn Hayden Kho. At least the group has a cause. And it is clear. No questions about it. It is the right of a woman that is violated.

But how sure are we that Katrina Halili is not aware? Being in this situation, she is also responsible for the things that happened to her. I mean, she is responsible for her actions, too. It is a causal nexus, a ripple effect of what she did.

As to the individual who allegedly spread the video, who is very mad against Hayden Kho ( the reason why he circulated the video), he has a responsibility and accountability. But who gave him the video? It was Hayden.

My children said it was an act between Kho and Halili and maybe there was no vow that the thing between them has to remain secret. I think it is an awry thought. I asked them, does the situation warrants a vow for Kho not to spread it? I mean, if you are a sane person, in respect to a woman, who was a part of your life, why was it needed to share the private moments to anybody, especially a friend?

The children agreed it is not justifiable. But who knows it was ego boost that prompted Kho to tell a friend about the video that his partner was unaware of? Maybe he is sick? Maybe he was being immature that time?

My children find Senator Revilla funny to be involving himself with the issue when there are more pressing issues about the country like education, poverty, prostitution, graft and corruption, etc. I thought so, too. Perhaps he was doing it for the 2010 elections, who knows?

Let us not forget about Dra. Vicki Belo. Let us open up our minds. Don’t you think she was the one who spread the video? They say, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ But I hope she did not stoop down to the level.


21 thoughts on “Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Video

  1. It seems that Hayden Kho having a good time with his Willy, pinning up celebrity women that have blooming careers in Philippine showbusiness.


  2. How could Belo have the video…?

    Anyway… sex is sex… it is the same thing that people do since millions of years… what so special about that 😉

    Good my parents had sex otherwise I would not be blogging now ! 😉


  3. Man, those people who take videos of their sex acts better be extra careful.

    I remember watching a show on TV about a couple who bought a house and the previous owners left a VHS tape of their sex video in one of the cabinets…absolute disaster ! ouch 😦


  4. Katrina Halili Sex Scandal. the sex between hayden and katrina is actually not the issue. it is a personal thing between them and everybody somewhere somehow has been engaging or has engaged in the activity and it's not our business.

    sidney, could it be possible she was the one who got it from hayden's laptop?

    i just don't know why the sex act becomes almost something like it is a big deal. is it because it involved celebrities? some people even squirmed seeing the video as if it is something gross. i could understand the virgins but hearing the remarks from people who seem not innocent about the act anymore is really amusing, sidney.

    ha ha it's a good thing they had sex otherwise i havent seen your amazing photos!

    bw. that is one issue that has to be addressed. how people should be very careful about their preferences in their sex acts. and maybe be responsible enough to know your partner. well, we can never actually tell. some good relations can turn bad.


  5. The act of doing sex is not sickening but to what did Hayden did to his girlfriends, Katrina and Maricar. If two person agreed that they are going to take a video of what they are doing then fine! But if two person are engaging a sex act and only one person has only the knowledge that he is going to take a video that make it sick and for me he is an exhibitionist.


  6. Napaka-insecure naman ng lalaki kung kailangan niya pang i-record ang sexual tryst niya. Katunayan lang na walang pag-galang sa kababaihan.Wala ngang kinalaman sa pagka-doktor niya ang lahat ng ito pero sa palagay ko lang dapat na usi-sain ang pagkatao niya at ang pakay niya sa mga gawa niya tulad ng nakita ng lahat sa mga recorded tryst niya.

    At naku ipinakita niya sa buong kapuluan ng Pilipinas na yung “pang-ihi” niya ay medyo lahi yata ng “Vienna Sausage!” Kaya pala doble halo ang gamit ng kamay at dila!


  7. ha ha vienna sausage ba, noypetes?? actually, hanggang ngayon di ko pa nakikita. the only naman that is exciting about the video is because mga celebrities and i bet the content is the same – the sexual activity.

    i do not have anything against him recording it kung sana ay may consent ng partner di yung parang surreptitious ginawa tapos inilabas or ipinakita sa iba. that's violation of rights to privacy.


  8. Who ever Kho's partner is, if she (Katrina)has no consent (knowledge) recording and more so, distributing for public view, the culprit becomes liable and should be penalized. The penalty for Hayden: his dick should be cut off by 1 inch.


  9. Hayden Kho may be charming but he's not as smart as he should be, “committing crimes” and keeping the evidences. Maybe from now on, he will learn and be humbled from this traumatic lesson.
    I agree that Bong Revilla should not even be commenting on this because he himself is a womanizer… “ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwang magnanakaw???” Furthermore, wala nga siyang nagawa nuong hawak niya yung anti-piracy department, sabi pa nga ng mga taga Quiapo, nagpapakita lang daw siya kung successful ang raids… takot lang niyang tirahin ng snipers dun…hanggang pa-pogi points ka lang ba? Taking cheap shots, and riding on current hot issues lang??? Kung matapang ka Senator Bong, go after drug traffickers and Big time hoodlums. Kaya mo? Matapang ka ba talaga?


  10. to Marge… huwag naman putulan si Hayden, sa height niyang 6,2, maliit na nga yung kanya. This sex scandal is all about betrayal and extortion …pera=pera lang yan. Buti nga libre silip…dami niyang kumukondena pero nakienjoy naman manood. Aminin!!


  11. in my opinion, even if you say that sex is normal, blah blah, still, the idea of having your sex tape being posted in the internet is not really appealing. imagine, walking on the street and those who bought the video would be staring at you as if you were a commodity… of course, sex isn't bad unless you would be ready for any consequences that would come from your action. by the way, this is written by a 16 year old… again, it's my opinion…


  12. hi, marge. ouch, that hurts! ha ha

    to anonymous #1: he had almost conquered the movie industry. marami nga ang humahanga sa looks ni hayden, e. pero it seems to me insecure pa rin siya doing those things, and worst, sharing them pa.

    to anonymous #2: it's more about betrayal to me.

    and for all anonymous commenters, i wish that there is a name for everyone who shares their opinion. 🙂


  13. hi, kayle0236. that is nice for a 16 year old to share his/her opinion. it is the act of sharing those private moments with others without consent from the other party that has violated the rights of not only Katrina Halili but all women.

    you have a point there saying 'unless you would be ready for any consequences that would come from your action'. when i wrote this post, i had really no idea if Katrina is aware or not of the act being recorded. seeing some slides (i havent seen the video) it seems she was not aware. but still, she has some responsibilities, too, for herself like assessing her situation with somebody like Kho who was very much involved with Belo. well, it's more of a personal thing actually and it does not have to do anything with the issue. i wrote this before with the premise that she might have had knowledge about the act being recorded.


  14. “The penalty for Hayden: his dick should be cut off by 1 inch”…..Naku! eh di wala ng natira! Sex change na sa Belo clinic ang kasunod!

    Chillax kayo! Na-iinggit lang yan si Bong Revilla. Sa Pinoy cinema lang yan matapang.


  15. By the way, I have not seen the sex portion of the video yet. Maliit nga ba ang dick ni Hayden? Belo should do something about it.


  16. My bet is that, Vicki Belo is the one who distributed the sex video to the media to get back at Katrina Halili. Imagine, Vicki competing against Katrina who is 30 years younger and prettier and fresh than her. Vicki has a lot of operation and drugs in her body just to keep in shape. Her office is place of lusts, vanities and scandals. She should go to jail and bear the penalties of this bruhahas.


  17. aaargh. politicians are now riding the haydengate controversy. what hayden did was definitely wrong in every sense of the word but politicians condemning the sinner and not the sin are bigger sinners. just look at one with a father who has 81 children and a son who is a father at 17 plus a sexual harem of his own. parang mali yata na makasalanan din ang pumupukol ng bato.


  18. ha ha seen the video already, marge. for his built and height, it seems not proportionate ha ha what am i saying???

    i think it is, too, paul.

    friends and i are thinking that viki must have something to do with all these, marge.

    talagang mali, lawstude. they're all grandstanding lang naman, e.


  19. One poster here said “he sex between hayden and katrina is actually not the issue”…nor should it be. I've seen this video–and it sucks.

    In fact, I've been asked to “burn” more copies–purportedly for State-side distribution–by relatives recently returned from the Philippines. And I asked them, “Why would anyone want to watch this crap?”

    I've seen my share of porn–both “industrial” and “home-made” and as far as the latter goes, this is hands-down the worst porn I've ever seen in my life. You all have heard the police line, “Move on–there's nothing to see here…” That's the best way I can describe this video.

    I sure hope Kho is a better doctor than he is a cameraman. As for Halili's (adult film) acting skills… I sure hope she's a better (P.I.) actress in non-adult-film roles, because as a reluctant porn starlet, she couldn't act her way out of a tube of lubricant!


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