Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili Video

The showbiz buzz about a sex video between Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili has been the content of news and entertainment shows. The video evoked varied reactions but mostly sympathy was accorded to the young actress Katrina Halili.

It is truly amusing how Filipinos can be affected. Showbiz news are always hot. Filipinos are always ready to give their unsolicited opinions and some being judgmental easily condemned Hayden Kho for the sex video, a different one from the dance video.

First things first. What part of the code of ethics of doctors did he violate? I am not pro-Hayden Kho. I am not a fan. But to hear Senator Ramon Revilla talk about how sick Hayden Kho is, it makes me sick, too. How can he find fault with someone like Kho when he himself also had issues with his co-actresses before? I mean, he is a public servant and I think the moral issues are more his issues than of a doctor’s. The sex video has nothing to do with Hayden Kho’s being a doctor.

It is credible for Gabriela to condemn Hayden Kho. At least the group has a cause. And it is clear. No questions about it. It is the right of a woman that is violated.

But how sure are we that Katrina Halili is not aware? Being in this situation, she is also responsible for the things that happened to her. I mean, she is responsible for her actions, too. It is a causal nexus, a ripple effect of what she did.

As to the individual who allegedly spread the video, who is very mad against Hayden Kho ( the reason why he circulated the video), he has a responsibility and accountability. But who gave him the video? It was Hayden.

My children said it was an act between Kho and Halili and maybe there was no vow that the thing between them has to remain secret. I think it is an awry thought. I asked them, does the situation warrants a vow for Kho not to spread it? I mean, if you are a sane person, in respect to a woman, who was a part of your life, why was it needed to share the private moments to anybody, especially a friend?

The children agreed it is not justifiable. But who knows it was ego boost that prompted Kho to tell a friend about the video that his partner was unaware of? Maybe he is sick? Maybe he was being immature that time?

My children find Senator Revilla funny to be involving himself with the issue when there are more pressing issues about the country like education, poverty, prostitution, graft and corruption, etc. I thought so, too. Perhaps he was doing it for the 2010 elections, who knows?

Let us not forget about Dra. Vicki Belo. Let us open up our minds. Don’t you think she was the one who spread the video? They say, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ But I hope she did not stoop down to the level.

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