Life is Complaints Galore

One Sunday morning, a wife woke up late and was not able to prepare food for breakfast. The reason: she slept very late thinking how she would find money for her children’s tuition fees. Resources are scant and she couldn’t afford begging from relatives. Her husband is in poor health to be able to assist her in her financial woes. And besides, she does not bother about the food; it is his concern – from the house rentals.

To make the story short, the husband grumbled about being tired and was so upset that after preparing for breakfast he would again prepare for lunch after an errand (from his mother). He spoke to his unknowing son angrily which annoyed the wife and caused her to exclaim telling him to tell her directly and she would do the cooking.

Upon returning home, the remorseful husband tried to talk to his irate wife and received a foul answer. The angry wife did not eat breakfast and went to their bedroom (again) crying and fuming mad.

Life is a fatal complaint, and an eminently contagious one. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is so easy to complain. We complain about so many things, and even about trivialities. And that makes it worse. Sometimes, people complain without cause. People even complain about the not-so-important things in this world, and loose that ability to focus on the more important things in life.

19 thoughts on “Life is Complaints Galore

  1. and that is very true, sis! i hate people who complain a lot, esp the not-so-important stuff…there are so many spoiled brats out there…i'm the guilty party here sometimes 🙂



  2. I don't like complainers about simple stuff too, it's turning it to big stuff when we do it. Thats why I'm trying my best not to be one.

    The best things in life are free. I love that simple cliche reminding us that there's so many things to be thanked for instead of murmuring in little things…

    Nice one Bing…keep on..

    Btw, I haven't finished my assignment yet but I tagged you just the same. hehehe



  3. aha, mr pogi, isa ka pala sa kanila! ha ha

    not that they are spoiled, but there are people talaga who likes to complain all the time and do nothing about the situation.


  4. kung ganoon lang talaga palagi tayo – thankful sa mga bagay na simple na meron tayo. at kung ganoon lang talaga kadali rin ang tanggapin ang anumang sitwasyon and do something, this world will be a much better place, jun!

    no problem about the tag, walang deadline he he ty for the tag!


  5. i try not to complain. it makes matters worse between hubby and me, and then it ends up backfiring on my face.

    i encourage my whiny daughter to come up with a solution to a problem she's encountering, rather than whining and complaining. i think this would help her tremendously in dealing with situations later in life when she is on her own.

    thanks bing.


  6. i used to belong to this kind of people especially during school days. oh well maybe kids have reason to complain.

    When i had my own responsibities, i understand why my mom hates me.


  7. Very good points. Sometimes we just have give up grumbling and actually exert some effort into doing something positive to better our situations. As Confucius said: “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

    Cheers Bing. 🙂


  8. i am also tempted to complain many times but end up silent. i would always think what good it will do, and besides, complaining always lead to disagreements, endless talk about issues that leads to graver conflicts.

    i know that, Nico. i know that there is always a reason to every complaint. that i can understand. what i couldnt 'carry' are people who complains and do nothing, grumblers that really like to complain only and be cynical.

    thank you so much, friends for sharing views. i appreciate them very much.


  9. When you are having a bad hair day,and no one is exempt from this phenomenon, nothing looks right. Rather than wrestling with everyone, the best thing to do is be by yourself. Get out of the house, in the backyard, in your room – just don't be in talking distance with anyone until things die down and if it takes the whole day, so be it. My 2 cents


  10. I think this is part of our being a “human being”. Since, the world and humans are not perfect, then “complaining” on different things, big or smal will always exists.

    I guess it could also be considered as human insecurities or pagiging “K.S.P. Kulang sa pansin.”

    Thank you.


  11. very right, rolly! ang daming mga taong reklamo nang reklamo na wala namang karapatang magreklamo.

    wow, minsan pala KSP ako? he he


  12. lam mo lahat ng tao e me problema, God will not give you a problem you and HIM can not solve….


  13. @ expat traveler – thanks for appreciating!

    @ techguy – yes, i know… but that does not give us reason to complain and do nothing. God should always be our guide to be able to enjoy life and bear the trials without so much complaints.


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