When I grow old, I want to be a photographer.

Wait.  How old is old?  Because now I am a year more than half a decade.  If that makes me old, I have to go pack my things and start to be a photographer, a craft that I have always wanted to polish.  Only that I can’t do that at the moment.  I have a day job that requires eight hours to complete.  Ask me if I am happy with it.  I am not but I can’t quit.  There’s always that need or want decision-making in life, more like a do or die thing.

Long before I get old, I was already fascinated with captured faces, actions, expressions, emotions, colors, shapes, etc. in any form on a photo paper.  It’s funny because we cannot even afford a camera.  That again is another story.  A lot of stories to tell, actually.  So, before this becomes a very long and boring post to read,  I stop here and share some photographs I snatched from the willing victims.  I am not sure if I have the qualifications for this craft but then again requirements are always limiting for me.  I just shoot in vain attempt to document moments and to preserve pictures to keep people alive (at least on paper).  Apart from being fascinated with nature and places, I also love to capture photos of people.

Here are the unedited photos:


These children are so full of youth and life.  They’re a respite from a disappointing day.

The photos below end my daily attempt in photography. 😀


My Kind of Superhero

Interesting prompt.

Let me share first this <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/superhero/”>superhero</a&gt; photo.


No. This is not about Thor.  I am not an avid fan but I am of the actor who played the role in the action movies featuring Thor.  What’s his screen name? Yes, I am a fan. *smirks*

This is about that man trying to single-handedly strangle that Thor in the picture.  Danny is my husband, a victim of stroke for many years.  He’s a warrior in many ways.  My kind of superhero.  He doesn’t seem to know it.  He sees a different picture – that he is worthless.

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The Word ‘Malas’

birthday cake

Malas is a Filipino word for bad luck.  A lot of myths and misconceptions surround this word, for me, personally.    Since time immemorial here in the Philippines, the belief that something bad will happen to someone, or something omen will come one’s way, if he or she does this or that thing, or if a particular event or circumstance happens before going to a place or celebrating an important event, and many more, becomes part and culture of the Filipino society.

I have to understand this I know, this part that this ‘malas‘ perception had become part of what some Filipinos would prefer to believe.  I have to understand even though most of them are baseless or unfounded.  Take for example, a death before my birthday.  It is not malas for me as I look at it that someone died in the family before my birthday.  Everyday, people die, and each day many people celebrate their birthdays.  How can that be malas?  It’s just a natural thing to happen.  People die, babies are born.  It would be such a foolish notion for a baby, for example, to be brought forth in this world, and his or her mother died while giving birth, to be branded  as malas.  That would be very ridiculous. (With this, I would like to tell Tywin Lannister that Tyrion is not malas!  ha ha 😀 )

Each day is a gift from the Lord, people.  There is no malas.  The Lord bequeathed us the gift of life that will, of course, end one day.  Malas, I believe is a consequence of the ill nature of people.  It is a result of the evil that people do.  Like, for example, in a barangay, the poor constituents are malas to have barangay officials that put barangay funds in their pockets instead of delivering livelihood projects.  It is malas when a child is abandoned by his or her parents.  It is malas when education is deprived from poor students because they are not the priority of their local officials.  Etc, etc.

I hope that this short note will impart the message I would like to convey, along with the advice that we have to be cautious in saying things that can really be off and disappointing.  We all have to put our feet on other’s shoes to see how it would feel like receiving such innuendos.

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According to Lewis Smedes, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner is you.”

Such is the case most of the time.  We are imprisoned by the many negative emotions in our lives that we tend to get perverted by them and make us unable to give a chance and put a period to the never-ending pain caused by the many situations or events that neither of us want. Our visions are blurred by these many negative things which do not help a bit.

Until an end has to happen and it is without recourse that the substance of the whole ‘forgiveness’ thing becomes wasted.

When my father died, for example, it felt like I did not have the chance to say the things I wanted to say, and to ask forgiveness, too, for any wrong that I did and any hurt that I had caused.him.

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Thinking in Advance About the 25th Wedding Anniversary


Last April 2, the family celebrated hubby and I’s 24th wedding anniversary.  Together with the kids, hubby decided to bring us to a local Chinese restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City.  He asked if we wanted to go to a buffet restaurant but after the experience being overwhelmed by the array of foods and drinks at Viking’s, I think I have to take a respite visiting buffet restaurants.  😀

Anyway, it turned out a very nice evening when the children enjoyed the food.

Now, to the planning about our 25th wedding anniversary.  It has to be simple still as I loathe extravagance and display.   The celebration has to be for the family still but maybe we could extend it to the other members of both Papsie and I’s family.  Well, it’s still a year away and changes to the plan is expected.    It could even be a celebration between me and my beloved Papsie only, who knows? 😀

Whatever the outcome of the planning, what would be important for me is celebrating another year



A Police Ring Can Be Personalized

Christmas in the post-War United States
Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t know that! It truly is possible to have police rings personalized.

Now, you would ask why the sudden interest? Nothing special actually. I just thought that during Christmas and with friends or family that are in the service perhaps a ring is an interesting gift. To have it done according to an individual policeman’s preferences – his own emblems, engraving, and stone color – will make it truly special. The gift giver can also choose what metal to be used (which is of course according to what he thinks the receiver would like) and they vary from steel, silver, and gold.

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The Christmas Party that Brought Out the Talents

The other day we had our Christmas party.   The different departments agreed to gather and celebrate and prepare for the contests.  Perhaps it’s the long anticipation for such a gathering that brought out the talents.  It is such a revelation that made the party full of fun.   With time kaput, each group tried their hardest to make the evening delightful and entertaining.

Here are some pics.

Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 034
Group 1 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 056
Group 2 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 070
Group 3 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 106
Group 4 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 084
Group 5 Performance
Christmas Party 2012  - some pics - 112
Group 6 Performance

Brave, by Pixar

The other night we watched Brave.  It is this year’s computer-animated fantasy adventure, by Pixar.

Once again, Pixar created something special.  Contrary to reviews that the movie failed to deliver because it somehow mislead the viewers by its title, I find that it has a unique approach to the concept of bravery.

Perhaps I find the movie interesting because it is about that mother and daughter relationship that is as always, complex, but in-between the complexities love always prevails.  I love the part where the daughter realized her fault.  In all mother and daughter relationships, there will always be this part though some daughters will be that difficult to admit their faults and deny love.  In the movie though, Merida realized the weight of her impulsive actions that resulted from her selfish desires.








Photohunt: Hand

The photo hunt activity is here.

Here’s my niece, Angel. Look at how she posed with her hand. This pretty child always poses with her hands.

Below is another pose with a drawing pen in her hand that came with a drawing pad, and was a gift from me. She looked a bit shy in this picture though.

The Strength A Parent Needs in Times of Disappointment

Parents need to summon the strength they hoarded in times of disappointment.  When an adult child fails to meet expectations of responsibility, discernment and rationale,  it can truly be frustrating.   What does a parent got to do?

Onlookers, and even hypocrites, or the self-righteous will readily point a figure at the parents and even without them asking for their opinion, it would be so easy to tell that the parents have to berate the child, or to even punish.   Things are not what they usually seem, situations are not always analogous to some others’ experiences.

Tell the parents to talk to the adult child.  Okay.  This is workable to some but it does not always work.   Talking, when the parents and the child had had a lot of serious talks and still nothing changed, is at times futile.

Push the silence button.   Okay.  At times, parents and adult children have to distance themselves from each other, and let them think what had happened, why it happened, what to do with the current situation, and if there is a chance, talk it over again.

The parents need to love themselves, too, by not imbibing too much stress.  They have to let their hearts heal.  They have to give more attention now to themselves.  Enough had been said.  Enough had been done.  It is time to nurture themselves, too.

There is an end to everything

When something’s ending, you go through so many phases, and it can be frustrating. But once you’re out on the other side, it’s like you can really see all the crazy phases you went through.  – Norah Jones

I have always believed that there is always an end to everything that is happening.  Even laughter has to end, and with it happiness.  It’s a vicious cycle that no one is capable of stopping but by pretending it has not yet ended.

So if you think you are the luckiest creature on earth to be able to hide what you do in secret and nobody knows what you do, believe that it will end one day, and it will be discovered.  The sad thing about it is when the ending has to happen with scandal and intrigue.  You might not want anymore to hear what others have to say.