Unguarded Moments

It pays to stop-and-listen for a while. You’ll accidentally learn something.
Some officemates were talking about a reality show and its challengers. One of them observed how one revealed her self through unguarded moments. “I once pitied her, but seeing her in that reality show showed why her husband left her,” went one remark.
True to form, the starlet bellowed in her full cry that she damn needed the money. That was during the challenge. She and her partner didn’t win. You can see the disappointed look in her face when the big sum of money was given to the winners. She needed to clap her hands unwillingly because she was in front of the camera.
Our unguarded moments reveal the ‘true us’. It tells us how we would respond emotionally and physically to those trying moments. It tells us of our limitations and weaknesses. It defines our character. It details the ‘who-are-you’. We may not know but we give something to the audience when we uncaringly give in to pressure, angst, or anger. We say it is natural but it says more than what must be normal.
It is during my unguarded moments that I hate myself at times. I fear no one and would not care if my words sting. Too late to be remorseful but I would still be apologetic. I speak non-stop and my words are hateful. That is I when provoked, when angered, when stirred. This is the reason that in my supplication I would still ask that God would take control of my emotions. Little success in this aspect, I must admit, and still praying.

Post Script

Three Things You Still Don’t Know About Me
  1. I am the eldest of four kids.
  2. I have a mole in the inside of my right thigh that is parallel to a mole on my right leg. They look like sweethearts when I do a squat sit.
  3. I am a maniac. Is that the right word for a blog enthusiast? Can someone please tell me?

I wish KU, MrPogi, and Knoizki will tell me 3 things I still dont know about them (maybe thru their blogs).

Salamat nang marami, Malaya, for the tag! Mabuhay ang isang dalagang tulad mo!

25 thoughts on “Unguarded Moments

  1. i have two twin moles. one on my right shoulder and another on my left. one my right arm and on the left. but they are so tiny and almost unnoticeable. i wonder what they mean.


  2. That’s very true Bing…In unguarded moments, there are things we exposed that usually are not seen by others. During these moments, my temper is my greatest enemy. I keep praying also that the Lord always keep my emotions in check.


  3. responsible, that i agree; mature and intelligent – hmmm… teka muna, mag-self assess muna ako ha ha

    parang me natatandaan akong tao na nagsabi sa kin ng mga sinabi mo – hindi ko lang ma-recall kung sino.

    i think, wala sa entitlement ang pagiging mature, responsible and intelligent, Nico.

    musta na ang rave reviewing? he he


  4. hay, naku, major tom, pareho kasi tayong Taurean. pero apologetic naman ako pagkatapos… kakasisi rin minsan. kaya ayaw kong magagalit, e. ang haba ng pasensiya pero pag bumigay, naku, kelangang tumahimik na lang ang lahat..


  5. So true, Bing. My dearest, truest and longest friends are those who have passed my “unguarded moments” tests. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by my site while I was away.


  6. so true that in front of other peoples eyes we tend to reveal the real us impulsively. we dare, laugh-out-loud, we hate and expose what we thought is ordinary. it has been an unconscious habit we commonly do when we let our guards down.


  7. I ahve too many unguarded moments, i suppose. Remember the term wysiwyg? That’s me. A lot of times it’s not very flattering, though. 🙂

    Well, in fairness, I am a bit shy on the first meeting. hahaha


  8. Pero di ba during unguarded moments that is the real us, the real feelings and emotions at that instant? Sabi nga, yon ang totoong ikaw. Pero we make a conscious effort to guard how we react or unleash the real thing kasi we also take into consideration how others will take it lalo pag negative and emotions or ang thinking…


  9. hi, blue. yes, it is true… but it is also during these unguarded moments that we exceed beyond our normal kasi extreme ang mga nararamdamang emotions. not everybody can understand that- that during that time you are experiencing some emotions…

    ha ha maniac – my attempt at humor na hindi nabili – adik nga talaga ang tawag he he


  10. my mom says i’m a little too crazy to be left alone… i do all kinds of weird things.. like last night, i watched spongebob the movie.. my dad passed by and he noticed i was shouting along with spongebob… and then i giggled.. i’m still a kid, i think.. and i’m a naturally happy person, what can i say? oh yeah, i’m also naturally crazy.. this lunacy gene runs in the family… and this comment is weird and senseless… must be the caffeine in my system talking…


  11. There’s a saying that says – the size of a man can be measured by the things that makes him/her angry. No person is the same ika nga. Nagkakaiba ang mga boiling points natin. But he saying kinda holds some grain of truth. He who gets angry easily on little things hasn’t really grown up! Sometimes it is necessary to flare up, not to the point of being huramentado naman, para mawala ang bitterness or himutok, to relieve stress.


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